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Model: Q11-3x1250





This kind of machine is under-drive structure, The small chain wheel which equipped on speed-control motor will take big chain wheel directly, drive the eccentricity wheel of spindle moving seasonally. The mainly part, like machine shelves, upper blade, worktable and so on is steel welding structure. The machine’s structure have a big intensity, beauty shape and safety because of the fully guard and equip with power-off protection. It is suit for sheet metal process, electric unit, car’s making and shear thin plate. The back guard adopt gear and rack structure. And the back gauge can be read by Digital Read Out (DRO). So the back gauge can be adjusted quickly and the shearing width will be exactly.

Ⅱ Main specification


Ⅲ Transportation and installation 

1) Transportation : Keep balance when transport the machine! When you transport the machine with fork truck, please refer picture 1. 

2) Installation: Put each mat down to the four ground holes. Then adjust the worktable to 0.3/1000mm away from vertical and horizontal position.


Ⅳ Preparation and test drive 

1、 The machine must be cleared after assembling.

2、 Avoid any loosing at the joint part of nut and screw. Make sure there is no barriers at the parts for transferring.

3、 Every electric unit must not be loose. Then supply the power and make electric wire earthing so that check whether the direction of rotation is right. Because this machine is fully guard, so you must disassemble front-guard and make sure whether the direction is consistent with picture 5 after have knowledge for motor direction.

4、 Check whether oil can through oil-way freely according to lubricate picture. And add lubricant to every part.

5、 Check whether upper and bottom blade’s edge date is same as the shearing thickness.

6、 Test the machine according electric Manual.

Ⅴ Adjustment for the shearing edge gap

Relation between Plate thickness with cutting edge data (Picture 3)

(Cutting edge data can cut 3mm when the machine was made out)


Regulation means: (Picture 4)

  Loose screw 1 and nut 3 slightly. Tight nut 4 at the condition of bolt 5 is fixed. The cutting edge thickness will increase; Loose screw 1 and nut 4 slightly. Tight nut 3 at the condition of bolt 2 is fixed. The cutting edge thickness will reduce. Check cutting edge date with gauges feeler, tight all the nuts and screws after make sure it matches with plate thickness.

Ⅵ Lubrication (Picture 5)


This machine should be manual lubricated point by point regularly, the safety guard on the two sides should be removed when you lubricate the point 1 and 2 in the picture 5. Viz. the part Nr.52 and Nr.57 in the exploded drawing.

Ⅶ Operation and adjustment for back guard (Picture 6) 

The guard system is main used to control the shearing length, it should be at the position of “0” before adjusting, that is to say the shown number on the reader should be “0” when turn the guard to fit the bottom blade. If the number is not “0”, it should be adjusted as following: Loosen the bolt which is at the point (3) of fixed reader, then turn the rotatable bushing to the position of “0”, and tighten the bolt at last. Adjusting guard space: loosen part (1) to tighten handle, then rock handle (2), the shown value on the reader is the guard space, also the shearing width. Please Motor direction Front cover 1 2 3 7 adjust part (1) to tighten handle.


Ⅷ Maintenance 

1、The machine should be used by an experienced operator.The operator must read this manual carefully before operating. 

2、Keep work area clean. Paint rust-proof oil on un-painted section and sliding section of the machine. 

3、Keep shearing blade edge sharp. If you find any damage or wear or bull, please re-grind the blade or change a new blade. And it is avoid to shear and cut the broken material which is too thick or the material with rigid scar、residue、welding line、damaged edge and so on. 

4、Please use clean and anti-corrosive lubrication oil. 

5、Operate the machine exactly according to operation manual. Don’t overload the capacity of the machine to avoid the damage to the machine parts or blade. 

6、At working, should any abnormal circumstance happened, the operator must stop the working at once. Then turn the power off, inspect the reason by a qualified technician. 

7、When finishing the work, please turn the power off, and clean the machine. 

8、Inspect the electric system periodically. After inspection and repair on the gear reduction motor, please carefully check the rotating direction and speed are right.

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