Horizontal Metal Sheet full servo CNC grooving machine
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Horizontal Metal Sheet full servo CNC grooving machine

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This paper introduces the horizontal full servo CNC grooving machine. This machine tool adopts advanced CNC system and has novel design,It has the characteristics of high machining precision, simple operation, no noise, no vibration and so on. 

Horizontal grooving machine

Ⅰ  Description of use

Horizontal full servo CNC grooving machine is often used for machining sheet metal parts (including stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, aluminum-plastic plates, copper plates, iron plates, bakelite plates and other special plates), and can machine V-shaped grooves, U-shaped grooves and other irregular grooves on the plate, especially suitable for machining V-shaped grooves before bending sheet metal parts. 

Horizontal grooving machine

Ⅱ The performance characteristics

⒈The horizontal full servo CNC sheet metal grooving machine is an upgraded product developed by Haas CNC engineers on the basis of Korean horizontal sheet metal grooving machine,This machine tool has all the performances of traditional horizontal models and can fully solve a series of problems encountered by customers in actual operation. Based on all the products of horizontal grooving machines at home and abroad, 4-axis full servo design is used, which makes a breakthrough in essence. 

⒉Steel plate welding technology is adopted in appearance and structure, which has strong earthquake resistance; After tempering to eliminate internal stress, the stability is good; The sandblasted parts of the machine are rusted and sprayed with anti-rust paint. The whole machine is processed on the CNC horizontal grooving machine, which ensures the parallelism and verticality of each installation surface. 

Horizontal grooving machine

⒊ With the platform-type double guide rail structure, the beam runs more smoothly, and the tool rest can process the plate by moving left and right, back and forth, which can ensure the accuracy of each part of the grooving depth. 

⒋ The processing technology of four forming knives enables each blade to cut evenly during processing.

⒌Using full hydraulic clamping and pressing, the work is fast and the processed product has no clamping marks or indentations, and the whole processing process has the function of blowing and cooling to track the whole process. 

⒍Adopt high-speed and precise rack and pinion, precise ball screw and high-precision linear guide rail. The workbench adopts high-strength low-alloy steel plate as the base surface, which makes the workbench not easy to be worn when machining workpieces. This machine tool also has the function of self-planing. 

Horizontal grooving machine

⒎ The horizontal full servo CNC grooving machine adopts CNC, which makes the operators easy to learn and understand, and has accurate positioning. 

⒏ The overall shape of the horizontal full servo CNC grooving machine is simple, generous and beautiful, and it is set in frame structure, which conforms to the operation habits of various technicians, so that the operators can fully meet the production and technical requirements when working.

Horizontal grooving machine

Ⅲ Main technical parameters of equipment

No. Name Parameter Unit
1 Width 1250 mm
2 Length 4000 mm
3 Thickness 3 mm
4 Minimum thickness 0.6 mm
5 Minimum edge 8 mm
6 X Machining speed 25 m/mm
7 X Backward speed 50 m/mm
8 Y1 Stoke 1250 mm
9 Y1 Precision 0.01 mm
10 Y2 Precision 0.01 mm
11 Z Precision 0.01 mm
12 Work table adjustment Self-planing function
13 Feeding method The plate does not move, the tool post moves
14 Installed knife number 4 alloy knives
15 Main motor X axis 5.5 kw
Y1.Y2.Z axis 1
16 Dimensions Length 6100 mm
Weight 2150
Height 1700


X axis → control the left and right movement of the beam

Y1 axis → control the back and forth movement of the tool holder

Y2 axis → control the moving clamp to move back and forth

Z axis → control the tool holder to move up and down

Ⅳ Main equipment configuration

No. Name Brand
1 CNC system Easycat
2 Pneumatic solenoid valve Taiwan
3 Servo drive Easycat
4 Servo motor Easycat
5 Planetary reducer Taike Marge (Taiwan)
6 PLC Easycat
7 Single/double pole air switch Schneider
8 AC contactor, thermal relay Schneider
9 Circuit breaker, button Schneider
10 Miniature relay Schneider
11 Flexible power cable of machine tool Igus
12 Proximity switch Easycat
13 Alloy knife South Korea
14 Linear guide Domestic
15 High precision ball screw Taiwan
16 Precision rack and pinion Taiwan
17 Angular contact ball bearing NSK
18 Double diaphragm coupling KS

Ⅴ Brief introduction of structure

The horizontal full servo CNC grooving machine for sheet metal has compact structure, reliable performance and convenient operation, and adopts frame structure. Moreover, all hydraulic devices are used for processing control, which greatly reduces the cost of use and maintenance. Its structure is mainly composed of four servo motor drive systems, hydraulic clamp system and main steel frame. 

⒈Beam shaft system: It is composed of main motor 5.5KW AC spindle servo motor, 1:5 star reducer synchronous belt, synchronous wheel, high-precision gear rack, linear guide rail and other parts. Its function is that the servo motor drives the finishing gear through the planetary reducer to drive the cutter seat to move linearly on the linear guide rail to provide the planing power. 

⒉ Y1,Y2 axis system: It consists of 1KW AC servo motor, synchronous belt, synchronous wheel, ball screw, moving clamp and other parts. Its function is that the motor drives the ball screw to move linearly on the linear guide rail with power, so as to achieve accurate positioning of the machining V-groove. 

⒊ Z-axis system: It consists of 1KW AC servo motor, precision coupling, ball screw, dovetail guide rail and tool rest. Its function is that the motor drives the tool rest to move linearly by driving the ball screw to provide accurate positioning for the tool rest mechanism. 

Horizontal grooving machine

⒋ Hydraulic systems: fixed pressing system, movable clamping system and a group of blowing cooling system, in which two groups of hydraulic systems and a group of blowing are controlled by the system through electrical appliances.

⒌ Electrical control system: it consists of Easycat special grooving machine system, driver, electric control components, electrical boards and other accessories. The electrical board is installed inside the machine, which is convenient to maintain and has strong protection performance. All the work of this equipment can be realized through the control of the system. 

Horizontal grooving machine

Ⅵ Maintenance

⒈ Regularly check whether each fastener is loose,If it is loose, fasten it in time when the correct position is confirmed.

⒉ Before use every day, lithium grease must be filled in all transmission parts, and N320 lubricating oil must be filled on the surfaces of linear guide rails and ball screws to protect the transmission mechanism of the grooving machine. 

⒊ When using the grooving machine, pay attention to the temperature and sound of each transmission part, and stop the machine in time if there is abnormal sound response, so as to avoid serious damage accidents.

⒋ Always check whether the grounding of the machine is in good condition and the insulation of the wire is in good condition, and the protective conduit must be added outside the wire.

⒌ The grooving machine consists of four servo motor drive systems. Overload and short circuit protection are provided. To ensure the safe use of electrical equipment. The machine must be grounded safely and reliably before use,The control elements are all installed in the electrical cabinet, and the workpiece processing operation is completed by touch screen control,The structure is simple and the operation is convenient. 

Horizontal grooving machine

Ⅶ The design, manufacture, inspection and installation of this machine tool meet the following standards

GB 17120—1997 technical accuracy conditions of forging machinery

Ⅷ Operation Manual

⒈ System introduction

Easycat metal V grooving machine CNC system is matched in the grooving machine, the system allows users to input processing data according to their own needs, and then control the machine to automatically process products. The software has a lot of knowledge about the operating habits of the operators, makes the system operation interface simple and human, fully understands the mechanical structure, makes the machine run smoothly and efficiently, reduces the failure rate, and creates higher value for customers

⒉ Main functions

2.1Programming screen

The programming screen is the window for customers to realize automatic processing of workpieces. This screen is simple, but also strive to achieve one page display of all programming data, so as to be clear at a glance.

Horizontal grooving machine

length: set the length of workpiece to be processed

width: set the width of the workpiece to be processed. The plate width is set to be greater than 0. The calculation basis of the slot distance starts from the plate width, and the excess material is left at the presser foot. The width of the plate is set to 0, and the corresponding calculation basis starts from the presser foot edge, and the excess material is left on the other side

thickness: set the thickness of the workpiece to be processed Min: the groove depth of the marking line. When the setting groove depth of the current line is less than that of the small wire, it will be displayed in gray automatically. The single group of circulation ends with the small wire

BLoop: cycle times of all processes

Pitch: display the maximum board width corresponding to the current input data

SuSlot: total number of slots

Processing files: six groups of temporary files are reserved. Customers can input the next data to be processed or store common processing data when the machine is running, which is convenient for direct calling

Processing mode: standard, outer ruler and inner ruler

⑴The standard mode does not consider the plate thickness, and the input data is the processed data

⑵The outer scale mode is that the customer inputs data according to the outer dimension, and the system will automatically deduct the extra dimension when running

⑶The internal scale mode is that the customer inputs data according to the internal size, and the system will automatically add a small size when running

Pitch: the slot distance is the relative data, which represents the relative distance between two slots

Depth: the depth of the current groove to be planed

Loop: the number of grooves with the same groove distance and the same groove depth to be planed. It can also be set to 0. The number of loops in the current row is set to be non-zero. When the number of loops under it is set to 0, they will execute as a group of overall loops. The number of overall loops is the number of loops in the upper non-zero row

Face: the groove to be planed may be on the front or on the back. This part can be selected by the customer. After compiling to automatic operation, execute the front data first, and then the back data, so as to realize one-time programming and overall processing

Click "Pitch" and "Depth" and the replacement window will pop up, and the data can be changed in batches

Save: Click Save to open the save window, where you can save the name of the current data part. Chinese name saving is supported

Open: click open to jump out of the calling directory. You can select the data to be called. Search by name is supported

New: clear current table internal data

Add: after selecting a row, the background of the current row will be displayed in yellow. Clicking insert row will insert and copy the current row data under the current row, and then the row data will automatically move down

Del: after selecting a row, the background of the current row will be displayed in yellow. Click Delete row to delete the current row, and the data of the following rows will automatically move up

Knife : click the knife parameter to enter the knife parameter setting screen

Min: click the small wire at the groove depth, and the set small wire value will be input automatically

2.2Tool parameter screen

The cutter parameter screen is defined by the customer according to the process requirements. The system will automatically refresh all cutter parameters according to the division factor and the minimum cutter depth after the data in the first row is changed. A groove can plane up to 20 cutters

Horizontal grooving machine

2.3Compile screen

The compile screen is to compile the data in the automatic input into the actual running data of the machine. When the data input is wrong, it will automatically skip the programming screen and prompt the error information.

Horizontal grooving machine

length, width and thick are the data input in the display automatic input

Speed: select the speed regulating hand wheel to change the current running speed, the minimum is 0, the maximum is 100

Times: the number of times the current groove is to be planed. The number of times it has been planed is shown in the front, and the total number is shown in the back

Number of slots: the number of slots displayed in the front is the current number of slots, and the number displayed in the back is the total number of slots. Click to jump to jump out of the window. You can enter the slot number to jump

Output: the number of accumulated slots is shown in the front, and the number of accumulated meters is shown in the back. Click clear to clear the accumulated slots and accumulated meters

In standby mode, click the line, the background color of the line is yellow, and the current line will start to run when running pump, clamp and movable

AClamp: open and close in standby mode 

Cool: it can be turned on and off at any time. The actual spraying of coolant is in the process of the machine moving forward 

IN: click tool change, and the tool holder moves to the set tool change position 

Prepare: click preparation, Y-axis goes to the position to be processed and stops, and the user confirms whether the actual position is correct Start: click start, the machine will run automatically and prompt in the following fault column if there is any fault 

Pause: click stop, the machine stops, after a delay of 1 second, Z axis rises to the starting position, X returns to the starting position

2.4Manual mode 

Manual mode is used for machine debugging. In this screen, each axis can be manually returned to the original

Horizontal grooving machine

The function and operation of pump,AClamp , Clamp, Home, IN are the same as compole 

High : under the point of high speed, manual forward and backward at high speed 

Y: y linkage under the point, when the Y1 axis or Y2 axis moves manually, the other axis will follow the movement 

Move: click single action, the function of manual forward and backward buttons becomes forward and backward single action distance

2.5 Parameter screen 

Parameter screen includes basic parameter, advanced parameter, compensation parameter, Chinese English switch and configuration screen 

2.5.1 Basic parameters 

Among the basic parameters are those that the customer will change frequently and the machine will not run normally due to improper changes

Horizontal grooving machine

Set X-axis origin position: the reference position of x-axis is at the position of all upper worktops of the tool rest 

Set the origin position of Y1 axis: the reference position of Y1 axis is at the position of fixing clamp 

Set the position of Y2 axis origin: the same as the reference position of Y1 axis 

Set the origin position of Z axis: the reference position of Z axis is on the table 

Set the x-axis grooving speed: the speed when the x-axis moves forward automatically 

Set X-axis return speed: the speed of x-axis automatic return 

Set z-axis rising height: set the rising position of z-axis during automatic grooving, which is generally the same as "set z-axis origin position" 

Set the lower advance distance of Z axis: set the distance of cutting in advance of Z axis when x axis returns note: the larger this parameter, the earlier cutting in advance of Z axis 

Clamping time of movable clamp: the clamping time of movable clamp. The x-axis can only be moved after the movable clamp is clamped 

Release time of movable clamp: the release time of movable clamp. The y-axis can only be moved after the movable clamp is released 

Set Y-axis tool change position: the tool change button in manual mode and automatic operation corresponds to the position of y-axis movement 

Set the unidirectional positioning distance: the unidirectional positioning can eliminate the reverse clearance of the machine, and the unidirectional positioning distance should be greater than the possible mechanical clearance 

Unidirectional positioning: set 0 to disable unidirectional positioning, and set 1 to enable unidirectional positioning

2.5.2 advanced parameters 

The parameters in the advanced parameters are related to the running accuracy and smoothness of the machine, so the authority is higher than the basic parameters, and nonprofessionals are forbidden to modify them

Horizontal grooving machine

Manual fast: in manual operation, when high speed is selected, manual forward and backward operation will be carried out at manual fast speed 

Manual slow speed: in manual operation, high speed is not selected, and manual forward and backward are operated at manual slow speed 

Return to origin speed: when the axis returns to the origin, the speed at which the axis approaches the origin 

Fixed origin speed: when the axis returns to the original position, the speed of the axis leaving the origin in reverse after touching the origin switch 

Acceleration time: the time from speed 0 to the set speed. The larger this value is set, the larger the acceleration distance is, and the smoother the corresponding acceleration is

Deceleration time: the time for the axis to reduce from the set speed to the speed 0. The larger the setting, the greater the deceleration distance, and the smoother the corresponding deceleration 

Resolution pulse: the number of pulses for one revolution of the shaft, determined by the parameters of the servo motor 

Resolution lead: the distance corresponding to one revolution of the shaft, determined by the mechanical parameters 

Maximum soft limit: the maximum position the shaft can move to 

Minimum soft limit: the minimum position that the shaft can move to

2.5.3 configuration interface 

Horizontal grooving machine

The customer can select the model and configuration according to different machines in this interface.

2.5.4 compensation parameters 

The compensation parameter is the compensation of the working platform. The rack may have small deformation after a long time. The compensation parameter can compensate the deformation of the rack through the system 

Horizontal grooving machine

By default, it starts from position 0. The position entered in the first line represents the distance from 0 to the current input position. The compensation amount is the compensation amount entered after the first line. The position entered in the second line represents the distance from the input position in the first line to the current input position. The compensation amount is the compensation amount entered after the current line.

3. Status prompt 

Status: operation status, data status, fault information 

3.1 operation status 

Standby: the current machine is in a static state without any command 

Starting: the machine operates automatically according to the input data 

Stopping: press the stop button, the machine stops first, and then returns to the initial position 

Emergency stop: press the emergency stop button to stop the machine completely 

3.2 data status 

Data is empty: programming data is not entered 

Total slot distance is too large: the board width accumulated by input data cannot be greater than the maximum limit of Y axis 

The first slot is too small: the slot distance of the first input line cannot be less than the minimum limit of Y axis 

Groove depth is greater than the total depth: the groove depth of the current row cannot be greater than the total depth 

Too large groove depth setting: the groove depth before plate thickness reduction cannot be less than the minimum limit of Z axis 

3.3 fault information

Emergency stop: the emergency stop button is not pulled up, and the fault information is cleared after pulling up 

Please press one button to return to the original: after the system is powered off and restarted, it will prompt you to press one button to return to the original, turn on the oil pump, click one button to return to the original in automatic operation or manual operation, and the fault information will be cleared after one button to return to the original 

Oil pump fault: oil pump thermal relay fault, check whether it is oil pump motor fault or thermal relay fault, clear fault information after thermal relay is disconnected 

Error of x-axis origin: when the current position of x-axis is greater than 10 mm, the x-axis origin signal is encountered, and this fault will be prompted. Check whether the x-axis origin switch has error detection or the encoder count is wrong, and press the stop key to clear the fault information 

Disconnection of x-axis encoder: it is detected that the encoder fails to count normally, check whether the current value of x-axis is normal on the manual screen, and press the stop key to clear the fault information 

Reversal of x-axis encoder: it is detected that the counting direction of the encoder is inconsistent with the running direction, connect a and B of the encoder reversely, and press the stop key to clear the fault information 

Abnormal HMI communication: the communication data is lost. 

Check whether the communication line between the upper computer and the lower controller is in good contact. Press the stop key to clear the fault information 

Shaft fault: check the fault information code of the shaft drive. 

According to the troubleshooting solution in the shaft drive manual, press the stop key to clear the shaft drive fault. Ifthere is no fault in the shaft drive, the fault information will be cleared 

Shaft communication fault: the shaft of this system is controlled by communication. If the controller fails to receive the shaft signal, it will report communication fault. Check 

whether the communication line contacts well and whether the shaft parameters are set correctly. After the communication is normal, the fault information will be cleared 

Shaft limit: when the current position of the shaft is less than the minimum limit in the system parameters, it will prompt the minimum limit of the shaft. When it is greater than the maximum limit, it will prompt the maximum limit of the shaft. Check 

whether the given position is over limit. After the current position is within the limit, the fault information will be cleared

Ⅸ After-sales service commitment

For the sales service, our company divides it into three parts: pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale,Our service commitment: one-year warranty and lifelong service. 

⒈ Presales service 

Our company is responsible for providing users with feasibility analysis and reliable equipment configuration plan before sales, providing reasonable and appropriate solutions according to the specific situation of users, and doing a good job as purchasing consultant for customers. 

⒉Service in sale

The supplier is responsible for equipment installation and commissioning, while the buyer provides cranes and general tools. Debug and train the operation and maintenance personnel of the demander. Provide technical support and technical training to users according to their requirements, communicate with users in time during the production process, and ensure that operators can operate and maintain independently and skillfully as much as possible

⒊ After-sales service

Our company is responsible for providing services to users during the warranty period and outside the warranty period,During the first after-sales service, the commissioning (maintenance) personnel must make the user confirmation signature of the Equipment Installation and Commissioning Sheet and the user operator confirmation signature of the Equipment Training Sheet. In the future service, the commissioning (maintenance) personnel must have a written report on commissioning or maintenance every time, and all the data will be kept as customer files for the record. For users beyond the warranty period, our company also provides timely and high-quality after-sales service, and ensures the provision of wearing parts and spare parts, and appropriately collects the cost to ensure the normal use of users. 

The commissioning, operation and maintenance process of the equipment is carried out by the commissioning technicians and after-sales service personnel of the company.Member's guidance shall prevail. If customers need technical support, please contact our technical department in time Communication. 

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