How to Choose The Right CNC System For Your Bending Machine
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How to Choose The Right CNC System For Your Bending Machine

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With the rapid development of bending machines at home and abroad in recent years, there are all kinds of bending machine CNC systems on the market, such as the most common exports of the Dutch DELEM series, the Swiss CYBELEC series and the Italian ESA series, of course, there are also many excellent domestic systems, such as Hong Kong's MD series and Jiangsu Nanjing SNC series. So how do you choose from the wide range of systems available? It is estimated that this is a difficult task for many customers. In fact, it would be much simpler to follow the following rules.

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First of all, the system must be simple to operate. 

The purpose of choosing a CNC bending machine is to be able to use the machine more easily and create more value to production. If the system is designed to be complex and cumbersome to operate, then the system may not be good enough for us. Imagine if the system is problematic for our staff to operate, will it still be as efficient and accurate as it should be? So an excellent CNC system must be simple to operate, easy to learn and easy to choose.


CNC Press Brake

The second is that the system must be stable. 

The importance of a stable system is obvious, we do not want to buy the machine just a few days on the problem, both affect the mood and delay production. So how do we know if the system is stable?

1.First of all, we must look at the bending machine brand in the market and the years of existence and reputation and retention, so as to infer the maturity of the brand or not. If a brand has not been tested and examined by the market, then the brand is certainly not mature, that there will certainly be such and such a small problem. This phenomenon is similar to the cottage phone and Apple phone, although the appearance of the same, but the function and use of far from each other.


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Nanjing Harsle Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise which manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brake, shearing machine, hydraulic press, power press, ironworker, The company has a number of better educated, younger workers who devote themselves to developing and designing sheet metal processing machines, production department applies CAD, CAPP, PDM and other CAD software to the field of product upgrading, which enables the team has strong designing capability, adopt advanced international management mode and introduce German machinery technology. That is the reason why our product quality moves to a higher level constantly.

HARSLE always adhere to the business principle of "making better machine, providing first class service, and constantly increase the readjustment of product structure. Company's main products include WE67K series CNC sheet metal Press brake, QC12K Series CNC Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear, WC67K series hydraulic sheet metal bending machine, QC11K Series hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, J23/J21 Series Power Press, Y32 series and other hydraulic press, W11 Series three-roller rolling machine, Hydraulic press machine, Q35Y series lronworker and other products widely used in decoration, metallurgy, shipbuilding, automobiles, machinery, aviation and other specialized areas of production. To meet customers' special requirements for the products, our company is willing to personalize your customized products.


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2. In addition to the bending machine brand, but also to see the system manufacturers, senior automation manufacturers out of the system will be more stable. In fact, the essence of CNC machine tools is mechanical automation, and even related professional college students can develop, but there are few really can do successful applications, why? In fact, the ideal environment is far from the actual environment, while the lack of a core technical team, it is impossible to develop a satisfactory system. Systems developed by large companies, such as the Dutch DELEM series mentioned earlier, the Swiss CYBELEC series and the Italian ESA series, as well as the domestic MD series from Hong Kong and the SNC series from Nanjing, Jiangsu, are all quality systems that we often choose. Determine a good brand series, the specific choice of which model, according to the use, the working environment, the degree of bending required, the thickness of the sheet, the effect of bending the workpiece and other conditions, combined with the budget to buy.


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Thirdly, see if the manufacturer is timely after-sales. 

After determining the budget, find the largest budget, the longest history, the best financial situation of the factory, do not be greedy for cheap brain rush low price to go, because the low price is either in the body jerry-built or refurbished to steal the pillar, or in the configuration of a bunch of rubbish clothes. It is to ensure the value for money, both to ensure the quality and after-sales service. Finally, I wish you all can choose the right bending machine and its CNC system.

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