Hydraulic Press Selection Guide
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Hydraulic Press Selection Guide

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1. Table Size

Effective size of hydraulic press: length mm × width mm, the distance between the left and right columns of the length; the distance between the front and rear edges of the width. The size of the worktable is determined according to the dimensions of the mold of different products. When a hydraulic press presses and stretches different sizes at the same time, it is determined according to the maximum size of the product mold. In theory, the size of the product mold accounts for 70%-80% of the effective size of the worktable. It depends on the actual situation.

Hydraulic Press Selection Guide

2. Opening Size

The opening size refers to the maximum distance that the oil cylinder rises to the top work surface. According to the different pressing and stretching distances of different products, in order to save the cost the most, it can ensure the safety margin of 50mm--100mm left in the main cylinder of pressing and stretching products, and it is also easier to take out the products after the mold is opened.

Hydraulic Press Selection Guide

3. Master Cylinder Stroke

The stroke of the master cylinder refers to the stroke range of the piston rod, and the stroke range is smaller than the maximum stroke of the master cylinder to prevent the cylinder from being damaged.

Hydraulic Press Selection Guide

4. Clamping Height

The clamping height refers to the maximum opening height minus the stroke of the master cylinder, and the clamping height should be less than the height after the product mold is formed.

For example: the opening height is 900mm, the stroke of the master cylinder is 600mm, and the clamping height is 300mm, that is, the height of the product mold should be greater than 300mm.

5. The Height of the Workbench From the Ground

Normally 600mm-750mm, different processes have different requirements, the height from the ground plus the height of the product mold, the workers can operate safely and comfortably.

Hydraulic Press Selection Guide

6. Working Speed

The speed of hydraulic press is divided into: slow speed, fast speed, high speed. The choice of speed depends on the product process.

7. Action Requirements

Actions are divided into: pressing and stretching. The process of drawing products and demoulding needs to be equipped with a top cylinder, and the operation mode is manual and automatic.

8. Throat Depth Dimension (C type single arm hydraulic press)

The throat depth dimension refers to the distance from the middle point of the hydraulic oil cylinder to the wall plate. The throat depth dimension is determined according to the size of the product mold. The throat depth dimension should be larger than the radius of the product mold, so as to ensure that the center point of the product mold and the center point of the hydraulic cylinder when the hydraulic press is working vertical.

Hydraulic Press Selection Guide

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