J21S-125T China CNC punching machine
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J21S-125T China CNC punching machine

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Product Description

Sheet metal punching machines, J21S-125T China punching machine. A punch is a punching press. In national production, the stamping process saves materials and energy compared with traditional machining, has high efficiency, does not require high technical requirements for operators, and can make products that cannot be achieved by machining through various mold applications. Its uses are getting wider and wider.

Stamping production is mainly for sheets. Through the die, blanking, punching, forming, deep drawing, trimming, fine blanking, shaping, riveting and extrusion parts can be made, which are widely used in various fields. Such as the switches and sockets we use, cups, cupboards, dishes, computer cases, and even missile aircraft... There are many accessories that can be produced by punching through molds.

sheet punching machine

Main features

●Deep throat type design can put large size stamping mold and work with larger working area compared with common power press machine.

●With a rigid turn-key clutch, the press has single or continuous operation standards.

●The punch press uses a single type brake. The sliding block is equipped with a press-down type safety device that can be pressed down to protect the entire machine.

●Avoid being damaged in case of overpressure.

●The machine has the advantages of high universality, high precision, reliable performance and convenient operation.

Technical Parameters
No. Item Unit J21S-125T
1 Nominal Force KN 1250
2 Throat Depth Mm 500
3 Slide Stroke mm 130
4 Slipper Stroke Times times/min 40
5 Shut Height mm 420
6 Shut Height Adjustable mm 60
7 Column Distance mm 430
8 Table Size mm 1000*980
9 Table Thickness mm 110
10 Motor Power KW 11
11 Slide bottom size Front and Back mm 350
Left and Right mm 380
12 Weight kg 8300
13 Dimension mm 2200*1500*2800
Product details

cnc punching machine programming

cnc punching machine programming

cnc punching machine programming

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