Plastic Sleeves Hole Punching Machine
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Plastic Sleeves Hole Punching Machine

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As we all know, Pneumatic punching machine is used to punch shapes on the metal sheet, such as iron sheet, aluminium sheet, stainles steel sheet and cooper sheet. But HARSLE punching machine can punch various shapes on plastic sheet. Today we will share a case of plastic sleeves hole punching machine for Kenyan client with you.Hope you will get more tips and hlep from our demonstration.

Machine List
  • JH21-25T Pneumatic Punching machine--------1 set

  • Air Compressor--------1 set

  • Multi Hole Punching Die--------1 set

plastic sheet punching machine

plastic sheet punching machine

Working Process

1. Install the punching die

Fix the upper and bottom molds on the ram and worktable by slot bolts tightly. Customer can control the quantity of punching holes by adding or removing pins on the upper mold.

2. Adjust ram stroke

Loosen the screws on the connection shaft by stroke adjustment rob, then control the opening height to fit the punching die height.

3. Start machine

Connect power and press start button.

4. Feed the material

Put the plastic sleeve bunch between upper and bottom dies by hand and step food swith to start working

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