Press brake reference
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Press brake reference

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  The invertor or frequency controller produces measurable savings.

  For more than ten years, AMADA have been committed to environmental protection.

  The INVERTOR version of the HFE-M2 contributes to this goal. 

  The addition of an invertor to the pump circuit has the following benefits:

  Energy saving

  Noise reduction

  Increased reliability

  Reduced maintenance

  Reduced oil consumption

press brake reference (1)

Tool holders

Distance pieces

  The HFE-M2 is equipped with adjustable quick release distance pieces. The loading of tools is simple and fast. 

  The design also protects the upper beam from damage.

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Bending Assistance

  Sheet followers SF75 (option) The powered SF75 sheet followers are indispensable for processing heavy or large components. Entirely managed by the NC control (height, speed, angle), they guarantee the accuracy and quality of the finished product. Their capacity (75kg per arm, 30° minimum angle) relieves the operator of difficult and arduous tasks. The machine can be equipped with either one or two independently controllable arms.

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Angle control

  BI-J (option) This option overcomes the problem of bend angle variation caused by work piece thickness variation, quality and grain direction. The high precision in-cycle measurement by the BI-J eliminates the requirement for test bending. The correction, if required, is made in real time giving a right first time Õ bend angle.

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Angle measurement

Digipro (option)

  The DIGIPRO is a digital protractor that communicates with the NC via infrared. The measured angle value is transmitted to the NC and the program is automatically corrected as required, thus obtaining the correct bend angle.


  There are several safety options to suit all applications:

   Light curtain type

   Laser beam type

Air-bending force chart

  This example of an air-bending force chart is for mild-steel (40-45kg/mm² tensile strength). From the material thickness it is possible to determine:

  Bending force

  Correct V-size

  Minimum fl ange size

  The ideal V-size is indicated using the red boxes. If the V-size is not available, or the tonnage is out of range, it is also possible to use the sizes indicated by the clearer boxes. To fold other materials (stainless, aluminium, etc) a multiplication factor is used for the bending force.

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