Q35Y-30 metal hydraulic ironworkers
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Q35Y-30 metal hydraulic ironworkers

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Product Description

Q35Y-30 metal ironworker, China factory direct supply hydraulic ironworkers hole punching machine. A hydraulic ironworker machine is a machine tool that integrates various functions such as metal shearing, punching, plate shearing and bending. It has the advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost. It is the first choice for metal processing in modern manufacturing. equipment. The hydraulic ironworker machine is divided into hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine and mechanical combined punching and shearing machine.

Technical regulations

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the driving parts of the punching and shearing machine and the connecting screws and pins of each part are loose. Whether the electrical grounding is in good condition.

2. Lubricate all parts before work, and drive for two to three minutes, and then start work without any problem.

3. Overloading is not allowed, and punching and shearing of quenched steel is strictly prohibited.

4. When working, you should wear gloves and labor protection articles, and sandals and slippers are strictly prohibited.

5. When punching and shearing, always refuel the punch to prevent the upper and lower punches from skewing.

6. Pay attention to the safety of your fingers when feeding, especially when the sheet is rushed to the end and the presser foot cannot press the sheet, it is forbidden to punch and cut.

7. When driving, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble, proofread the cutting edge and die. Do not beat dies, cutting blades and other parts with force.

8. Strictly control the specification range of the sheet, and it is strictly forbidden to punch and cut when it is exceeded.

9. The workplace must not accumulate other items and a large amount of flushing materials, and must stop when adjusting and cleaning.

10. After the work is completed, shut down and power off in time, and clean up the site.

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Main features

Double-cylinder hydraulic punch & shear machine.

Five independent stations for punching, shearing, notching, cutting and bending.

Large punching table with multi-purpose bolster.

Rear notching station, low power inching and adjustable stroke at punching station.

●Centralized pressure lubrication system.

Electric panel with overload protection elements and integrated controls.

Safety movable foot pedal.

Technical parameter
No Function Item Unit Q35Y-30
1 Shearing Plate Angle of shearing °
Max shearing thickness mm 30
Flat bar (W*T)mm 335×30
2 Shearing bar Round steel mm 65
Square steel mm 55×55
90° shearing of equal-angle steel mm 180×180×16
45° shearing of equal-angle steel mm 80×80×10
90° shearing of T-bar mm 180×180×16
I-beam steel mm 280×124×10.5
Channel steel mm 280×86×11.5
3 Notch Thickness mm 16
Width mm 60
Depth mm 100
4 Punching hole Max. punching thickness mm 28
Max. diameter of punching mm 28
Punching pressure Ton 160
Depth of throat mm 600
Max. length of cylinder stroke mm 80
Stroke times Times/min 12~28
5 Material strength N/mm ⊃2; ≤450
6 Motor power KW 11/15
7 Overall dimensions L*W*H 2680×1040×2300
8 Net. Weight KG 6800
Product details
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