Y41-400T hydraulic C frame press for sale
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Y41-400T hydraulic C frame press for sale

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Product Description

Y41-400T hydraulic press, c frame hydraulic press machine for sale. The single-column hydraulic press is mainly suitable for metal products stretching, forming and pressing, and can also process non-metallic materials, pressing of powder metallurgy products, correction of shaft parts, pressing of sleeve parts, and shaping and trimming of metal products And other processes. Beautiful appearance and convenient operation.

Main features

It adopts intelligent structure, C type single arm frame structure, has the feature such as good reliable, simple structure and easy operation. With a rigid turn-key clutch, the press has single or continuous operation standards. 

The frame is entirely welded with steel plates and treated to relive stress by tempering. 

Cartridge valve equipped for hydraulic control system, reliable, durable and less hydraulic shock, shorter connection pipeline and fewer release points. 

The operating force, no-load traveling and, low-speed movement and travel range can be adjusted subject to technological requirements. 

Hydraulic system adopt pressure pre-release device, low impact of hydraulic pressure. 

Independent electrical control, reliable, audio-visual and convenient for maintenance.

second hand hydraulic press machine

Technical parameter
No. Item Unit Y41-400T
1 Nominal Force KN 4000
2 Throat Depth mm 450
3 Max opening height mm 1200
4 Pressing head stroke mm 710
5 Worktable size L-R mm 1000
6 F-B mm 800
7 Speed Fast down mm/s 55
8 Working mm/s 4
9 Return mm/s 55
10 Table height above floor mm 600
11 Dimension Front and Back mm 2200
Left and Right mm 1500
12 Height mm 3800
13 Motor power kw 22KW
Product details

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second hand hydraulic press machinesecond hand hydraulic press machine

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