All-electric Servo CNC Turret Punch Press
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All-electric Servo CNC Turret Punch Press

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CNC Turret Punch Equipment Appearance

CNC Turret Punch Equipment Appearance

Main Performance Features

1. Body

The fuselage adopts an "O"-shaped structure and is welded with steel plates. The steel plates have undergone strict material analysis to ensure their quality. They are designed according to scientific principles of motion mechanics. The main board and internal ribs of the fuselage are reasonably designed to ensure the overall stability of the fuselage.

The entire fuselage has been treated with high-temperature annealing in an electric furnace to completely eliminate the internal stress generated by welding, enhance the stability of the fuselage, and avoid deformation; the unique design of the tail of the throat of the fuselage reduces the height of the throat, increases the strength of the fuselage, and effectively The bed stability and stamping tonnage are ensured.

The mounting surfaces and mounting holes of the fuselage guide rails, lead screws, cutter heads, positioning cylinders, transmission mechanisms, etc. are all processed by a large CNC floor-standing machine through one-time clamping, ensuring the flatness, parallelism, verticality, and fit of each processing surface. The assembly accuracy improves the processing accuracy of the equipment.

CNC Turret Punch Equipment Appearance

2. Stamping Assembly:

The power head adopts a closed stamping assembly, which has been annealed at high temperatures, and has undergone strict anti-leakage treatment and testing, and has good stability. The crankshaft, connecting rod, and striking head are made of 45# round steel, which has been annealed, quenched, and tempered. It is processed by turning, grinding, and other processes; the assembly is all made of tin bronze bushings, with a unique oil line groove inside, and a high-pressure oil pump is used to circulate and filter the oil supply to ensure sufficient and in-place lubrication to avoid problems caused by insufficient lubrication and impurities in the oil. It has the advantages of high strength and strong wear resistance.

The power output adopts a high-power hollow shaft servo direct drive motor. The crankshaft of the assembly is integrally connected with the servo motor to avoid disadvantages such as transmission dislocation and delay caused by too many connection links. The direct drive stamping operation has high stability and fast response speed. The stamping method adopts The swing punch control method and automatically selects the swing angle according to the stamping stroke, stamping process, etc., greatly improving the stamping efficiency.

The punch servo drive controller is based on the drive control technology of the British BT company and has been specially programmed according to the use requirements of domestic turret punches; the core components of the drive controller are all imported components from abroad, which are precise and stable. Sexually reliable.

The punch servo motor adopts the circulating oil supply cooling method of the oil cooler, which has the advantages of low-temperature rise and strong overload capacity and solves the trouble of frequent replacement of coolant in cold areas with water coolers in winter.

3. Transmission Mechanism:

The cutter head is made of 45# carbon steel, tempered and annealed. After sharpening, it is surface-treated by a large CNC plane disc grinder to ensure the flatness and smoothness of the upper and lower sides of the cutter head; special tooling fixtures are used to process paired positioning holes to ensure The coaxiality of the upper and lower mold positions is improved; the thin tower inlaid cutterhead structure is adopted, which reduces the weight of the cutterhead while still maintaining a long guide structure to ensure the guide stability of the mold. The company is equipped with a large imported three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument. After the panel passes the test, it is assembled.

The cutter head rotates using an imported brand planetary reducer and a double-chain transmission method. The reducer is installed inside the machine body to enhance the stability of the transmission and displacement accuracy. The cutter head adopts an enlarged cylinder seat and a dual-cylinder positioning design, which has strong synchronization and stable positioning. The rotating station adopts two transmission methods: synchronous belt and worm gear. It has fast transmission speed, high precision, low noise, constant and accuracy, and at the same time avoids the wear of the cutter head side sleeve.

CNC Turret Punch Equipment Appearance

4. Feeding Mechanism

The Y-axis adopts an integrated connecting plate and the X-axis square tube beam double guide rail design. After annealing treatment, on the basis of ensuring rigidity, the weight of the components is reduced, the operation is more stable, and the position is more accurate. The guide rails and screw rods are all made in Taiwan. Imported brand, guide 4. Feeding mechanism: rails and screw rods are assembled using strict scientific assembly processes. The company is equipped with advanced laser collimator, laser interferometer and other testing equipment to ensure assembly accuracy and effectively improve the feeding accuracy and Running speed

It adopts floating pneumatic clamps, which have strong clamping force and stable feeding; the integral dovetail carriage has good rigidity and the clamps are easy to move; the clamps can automatically float down when loading, making it easier for the plate to enter the jaws, which greatly reduces the operator's workload. labor intensity.

Each moving part adopts a multi-point automatic lubrication system to ensure comprehensive lubrication and avoid wear of moving parts due to insufficient lubrication.

All welded parts and castings are annealed to eliminate internal stress; all machined parts are processed in-house (precision parts are all completed by the machining center). They are assembled after passing the inspection, effectively controlling the processing of each part. Tolerance, eliminating the accumulated tolerance generated during the assembly of parts.

CNC Turret Punch Equipment Appearance

5. Work Surface:

The use of universal balls, brush mixing, and pneumatic lift-type work surfaces reduces the noise and vibration of the machine tool during operation, and plays a very good role in protecting the surface of the processed plates, which can effectively prevent scratches on the surface of the plates. The unique dust-proof design structure of the work surface can not only prevent collision accidents caused by excessive gaps, but also protect the guide rails and screw rods from dust, effectively extending the service life of the guide rails and screw rods.

The periphery of the countertop and the brushless part of the countertop are protected by stainless steel, which is beautiful, sturdy and durable, and prevents the board from scratching the worktop.

The data line protection is changed from the traditional built-in method to the drag chain protection setting on the side of the fuselage, which reduces the gaps in the workbench and prevents scrapers and collisions.

CNC Turret Punch Equipment Appearance

6. Control System:

The phenomenon of signal loss, transmission delay, and no signal feedback has improved the signal transmission speed and accuracy, and effectively improved the operating speed and accuracy of the equipment. The bus control method has fast communication speed and short cycle, which greatly improves the accuracy of coordination between axes when multi-axis coordinated action; control information is sent in the form of command packets, which has better anti-interference ability than the traditional pulse control method. Strong, it can effectively avoid the impact of larger power equipment on the control system.

All control functions are implemented through network cable transmission to avoid troubleshooting workload caused by too many data lines; the host computer control system can access or write the information it needs through the RTEX bus in a timely manner, and the information obtained can also be Interact or store with the factory management system so that relevant personnel can understand the operating dynamics and production status of the equipment in a timely manner. The bus connection method between the host computer and the servo motor driver can achieve the best working condition of each servo motor.

The Windows flat display is suitable for the usage habits of ordinary people and is easy to operate; the processing procedures are graphically displayed, and the processed products are clear at a glance, reducing the possibility of processing errors.

CNC Turret Punch Equipment Appearance

7. Programming Software:

Functionality; the software is compatible with G-code programming, CAD programming and CNCKad programming to facilitate the programming habits of different operators. The host computer control system can automatically adjust the motor parameters and make the corresponding feeding speed and stamping parameters based on the characteristics of the processing plate size, plate thickness and processing technology requirements:

X, Y, T three-axis linkage and XYC three-axis linkage greatly improve the processing efficiency. During the processing, the processing speed can be adjusted at any time, which increases the flexibility of processing. Speed adjustment allows it to work under optimal working conditions. . After the equipment is debugged, back up the parameters and save them. When the machine encounters an abnormality, you only need to restore the backup with one click, and the machine can be restored to the working state when it was debugged.

With multi-axis linkage function:

After the equipment is debugged, the parameters are backed up and saved. When the machine encounters an abnormality, just restore the backup with one click and the machine can be restored to the working state when it was debugged.

It has clamp scanning and protection functions: it can automatically detect the clamp position during processing. When the clamp position does not match the clamp position specified by programming, the system will give an alarm and will not execute the processing command, eliminating the danger of stamping clamps; A, B, C, and D clamp protection zones can be set to avoid excessive blind zones. With X, Y motion locking function:

When the lifting platform falls for maintenance, mold change, or manual operation, the Y-axis motion locking function automatically takes effect and no movement occurs, completely eliminating personal injuries caused by operating errors.

With custom alarm function:

Additional protection can be added according to customer needs. When the protection status is triggered, the machine stops moving and prompts the corresponding protection trigger status. This increases the scalability of the equipment while ensuring uniformity.

It has roller ribs, roller table and marking functions:

Through software control, the punch can be operated in a static state, and the roller rib, roller table, and marking functions can be realized by moving the plate.

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