Automotive Stamping Die Design Standards
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Automotive Stamping Die Design Standards

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Automotive Stamping Die Waste Disposal Principles

1. Automotive Stamping Die Waste Disposal Principles

1) The issue of waste disposal must be taken seriously and given priority.

2) The user must confirm whether the waste material slides outside the mold, outside the press table, or into the waste hole of the machine tool.

3) The principle is that the scrap material falls after each punching.

4) The inclination angle of the scrap funnel, punching holes and smaller scrap funnel angles is more than 50 degrees, the primary slide is 30°, the secondary slide is 25°, and the raceway is 15°.

5) There must be enough height at the scrap knife to install the funnel.

6) When the height of the installation funnel is not enough, consider using a waste box.

7) The waste materials must be handled thoroughly and can be taken out from the mold with enough space.

8) Pay attention to the size of the openings (interfaces) of various waste hoppers.

9) When the waste is required to slide out of the press work surface, the waste funnel should be a two-stage foldable type.

10) The leakage waste chute must be more than 30MM larger than the maximum shape of the waste (can be reduced appropriately except in special circumstances).

Automotive Stamping Die

2. Basic Idea

1) The basic process of waste treatment is a process in which waste material is naturally removed to the drill bit in a cycle.

2) The installation height of the slideway should be taken into consideration when determining the height of the scrap cutter seat.

3) When processing waste materials in the channel structure, there should be sufficient margin on the left, right and upper and lower sides of the channel.

4) Generally speaking, the scrap slide angle is 30 degrees inside the mold and 25 degrees outside the mold.

5) When manually feeding materials, attention should be paid to the layout of the waste knives and the structure of the slide to ensure that the waste does not travel to the operator's side.

6) When the material cannot be stripped naturally due to the relationship between the upper and lower knives, forced stripping is used.

Automotive Stamping Die

Standards to Prevent Scrap Deformation


1. Leave 20MM on the profiling surface of the punch, and lower the back space by 2MM to reduce finishing and avoid deformation of the scrap top.

2. There is no need for profiling surfaces. The excess protrusions must be optimized to reduce processing volume and avoid deformation of the scrap top.

3. The punch has convex and concave surfaces that must be copied and cannot be removed.

4. To simulate the movement inspection, the cutting edge of the punch must be in contact with the waste material. Do not allow other places to interfere with the waste material first, causing the waste material to deform.

Automotive Stamping Die


1. The upper die punch should be 1MM beyond the lower die edge.

2. The Z-type scrap material is mainly stuck in the scrap knife of the lower mold:

The first case is that the scrap knives at the high and low points of the Z-shaped scrap are both knife edges. A scrap thimble should be added to the side of the low point of the scrap to allow the scrap to rotate along the purple scrap and then be discharged. Otherwise, if If the thimble is designed at a high point, the scrap may get stuck between the two knives along the black scrap.

The second situation is that the high point of the Z-shaped waste material is the back of the knife, and the low point is the knife edge. A scrap ejector pin is added to the lower point of the upper mold, so that the Z-shaped waste material can slide out smoothly. Therefore, when we design the arrangement of scrap knives, we must first choose the second situation.

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