Bending Machine Parts and Their Functions
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Bending Machine Parts and Their Functions

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Bending machines, also known as press brakes, are used to bend sheet metal or other materials to a specific angle or shape. These machines consist of various parts that work together to achieve the bending process. Here are some common parts found in bending machines:

1. Frame: The frame provides the structural support for the bending machine and holds all the components together.

2. Bed: The bed is a flat surface where the material to be bent is placed. It typically has V-shaped grooves or slots to accommodate different tooling options.

3. Ram: The ram is the moving part of the bending machine that applies the force to bend the material. It can move vertically or horizontally, depending on the machine's design.

4. Punch: The punch is the upper tool that comes into contact with the material and applies the bending force. It is attached to the ram and can be changed to accommodate different bending requirements.

5. Die: The die is the lower tool that supports the material during bending. It is usually fixed to the bed and has a shape that corresponds to the desired bend angle or shape.

6. Back Gauge: The back gauge is an adjustable stop or finger that helps position the material accurately for consistent bending. It ensures precise repeatability of bends.

7. Hydraulic System: Many bending machines use hydraulic systems to generate the force required for bending. The hydraulic system includes a pump, cylinders, valves, and hoses to control and transmit the hydraulic pressure.

8. Control Panel: The control panel houses the controls and displays for operating the bending machine. It allows the operator to set parameters such as bend angle, back gauge position, and bending speed.

9. Safety Features: Bending machines often include safety features like emergency stop buttons, safety curtains, and interlocking systems to protect operators from potential hazards.

These are some of the key parts commonly found in bending machines. However, it's important to note that specific designs and configurations may vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of bending machine.

bending machine parts



DA-58T CNC controller

2D Graphical touch screen programming

●15" LCD TFT color display

●Bend sequence determination

●Developed length calculation

●Bending tool/material/product library

●Automatic bending angle calculation

●Up to 4 axes (Y1,Y2,and 2 auxiliary axes)

●Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed and open loop valves

bending machine parts


 Fast Clamps

 Extremely accurate clamping, positioning, and alignment.

bending machine parts


 Segmented Bending Tooling

 Extremely fast press brake tooling changes.

bending machine parts


 Front Arms

 Movable in different directions.

bending machine parts


 Foot Switch

South Korea brand footswitch is movable and can stop the machine anytime by the emergency button.

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