Causes And Analysis of Shearing Machine Failure
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Causes And Analysis of Shearing Machine Failure

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Fault  1: The Motor Can't Start

The reason:

●The main motor starts the circuit barrier;

●Related component failure of the main motor starting part;

●Power problem;

●When the motor starts, it is the sound of the car, because the pressure valve has been working.


●Check whether the main motor starting circuit has an emergency stop, no release, loose wiring, 24v control power supply;

●Check the components of the main motor starting circuit for overload protection. If so, analyze the cause and check for component damage;

●Check if the three-phase power supply is normal;

●Check the pressure valve for the reasons, mainly the following aspects: line, breaker failure, top dead center switch damage, straight point damage, the slider is seriously skewed.

Shear machine failure analysis

Fault 2: The Slider Cannot Go Down

The reason:

●System status is not “S2”;

●The slider is not top dead center, or the top dead center switch is incorrectly installed and damaged;

●The bottom dead center switch is damaged, and the PLC sends an error signal;

●The linear potentiometer is damaged, giving the system an error signal;

●PLC excuse, relay, and line faults that control proportional pressure valves and slider control reversing valves;

●The pressure part is faulty and there is no pressure.


●Check if the X-axis, the shear angle, and the edge clearance are at the set position and if the slider is at the top dead center if it is not for analysis reasons;

●Check that the slider is not at the top dead center, check the top dead center switch;

●Check the bottom dead center switch installation and signal;

●Check the linear potentiometer signal;

●Check PCL input/output signals and check the line;

●No pressure output from the hydraulic system, check proportional pressure valves, oil pumps, etc.

Fault 3: the Slider Can Not Return

The reason:

●No return conditions;

Line failure;

Mechanical failure.


Check the return conditions according to the PCL signal table and analyze the cause, such as whether the linear potentiometer, the bottom dead center switch, and the foot switch are normal.

Check the PCL input/output signal, check the pressure valve, the slider to control the signal of the reversing valve, and check the line.

Close the oil pump, maximize the gap modulation, and then restart the oil pump. The slider should return automatically. If the return is not possible, lift the slider up with a tool such as a jack, then check the machine and analyze the cause of the splint.

Fault 4: The Slider Vibrates Greatly When the Sheet Is Sheared

The reason:

The slider and the cylinder are loosely connected;

Knife wear;

The back pressure setting is too high, and the slider shakes when it is empty.


Check the slider connection to find the loose position;

Check the degree of edge wear;

Adjust back pressure according to standard.

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