CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine with E21S For Sale
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CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine with E21S For Sale

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3200mm Shearing Machine

Guillotine Shearing Machine

HARSLE QC11K-10X3200 guillotine shearing machine offers several advantages that make them popular choices for cutting sheet materials in various industrial and fabrication settings. Clean and straight cuts, high cutting capacity, low maintenance, and so on.

The motors for the backgauge are controlled by an inverter, which can achieve a high positioning accuracy of 0.05mm of the backgauge by changing the frequency and voltage of the motor.

The backgauge and cutting angle can be programmed by the E21S controller, the blade gap can be motorized and controlled. Hydraulic overload can be protected by an overflow valve, and knife rack returns by Nitrogen cylinders.

A foot switch with an emergency button can stop the machine immediately when an accident happens. 

The new design of equipment modeling is simple and novel, with smooth lines, blue and white soft color scheme, a delicate process, and an overall simple, modern, technological aesthetic, in line with the user's aesthetics. HARSLE helps create more value and achieve more efficient bending solutions.

3200mm Shearing Machine

Main Features

A guillotine shearing machine, often simply called a guillotine shear or shearing machine, is a mechanical device used in various industries to cut sheet metal or other materials into specific shapes or sizes. It operates on the principle of a blade descending in a vertical motion to cut through the material. Here are some key features and information about guillotine shearing machines:

Blade Mechanism: The central component of a guillotine shearing machine is the blade, which can be straight or slightly curved. It is mounted on an upper ram that moves vertically and comes down to make the cut.

Cutting Action: When the operator activates the machine, the blade descends and shears through the material that is placed on the machine's bed or cutting table.

Materials: Guillotine shearing machines are commonly used to cut sheet metal, but they can also cut various other materials, including plastics, rubber, and paper.

Capacity: These machines come in various sizes and capacities, ranging from small, manual shears for light-duty applications to large, hydraulic or mechanical shears for heavy-duty industrial use. The capacity of the machine is determined by factors like the thickness and width of the material it can cut.

Precision: Guillotine shearing machines are known for their precision and accuracy in cutting. They can produce clean, straight cuts with minimal distortion or burring on the edges.

Control: Depending on the model, guillotine shearing machines can be operated manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically. Some advanced models include computer numerical control (CNC) systems for precise and programmable cutting.

Safety: Safety features such as guards, emergency stop buttons, and two-handed controls are typically incorporated to ensure the safety of operators.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to keep a guillotine shearing machine in good working condition. This includes blade sharpening or replacement, lubrication, and inspection of mechanical components.

Applications: Guillotine shearing machines are used in various industries, including metal fabrication, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and construction, among others. They are essential tools for producing precise cuts in sheet metal used in various products and structures.

Cost: The cost of a guillotine shearing machine can vary significantly based on its size, capacity, and features. Smaller manual shears are relatively inexpensive, while larger, automated machines can be quite expensive.

In summary, a guillotine shearing machine is a versatile tool used in metalworking and other industries to cut sheet metal and other materials with precision and accuracy. Its design and features can vary, but the fundamental principle of a descending blade remains consistent across different models.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit 10*3200
1 Max cutting thickness mm 10
2 Max cutting length mm 3200
3 Throat depth mm 200
4 Cutting angle(adjustable) mm 30'-2°
5 Cutting speed Cutting times/minutes 12~25
6 Cutting Blade length mm 1100*3
quantity pcs 3(upper)+3(bottom)
7 Backgauge travel mm 500
speed mm/sec 180
accuracy mm ±0.02
8 Front arms length mm 800
quantity pcs 3
9 Spring pressure cylinder pcs 12
10 Main motor KW 11
11 Control system / E21S
12 Dimension (L*W*H)mm 3860*2000*1700
13 Weight kg 8000

Product Details

3200mm Shearing Machine3200mm Shearing Machine3200mm Shearing Machine3200mm Shearing Machine

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