How to Change The Stroke And Die of Power Press
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How to Change The Stroke And Die of Power Press

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Power press stroke is the max and min distance of the slider. The normal mechanical punch machine stroke is fixed, cannot be adjusted. Only can change the distance between the slider and worktable.

adjust stroke

adjust stroke

About the mechanical punch machine, when we change the head of the punch die, firstly we should stop the punch slider at the bottom death center, then loosen the screws that secure the handle, lift the slider up. And discharge the die, down the slider to the bottom death point again, measure the height of the new die which one will install.

Then adjust the distance between the punch slider and the worktable to the same size, lift the slider, put the new die. After that, down the slider slowly, Insert the template into the mounting hole of the slider and press it into the mold.

Tighten the slider's fastening screw, then lift the slider a little, press the slider down until to the death point. Then tighten the down die and can start the punch die.

Then you can adjust the feeding depth of the upper mold to the appropriate distance.

After that, the power press die change has finished, you can start the work again.

Stroke And Die of Power Press

how to change the stroke and Die of Power Press

The pneumatic punch machine stroke is adjustable. When you are adjusting, turn the key to the non-continuous and inch move station (can see the picture red arrow), then let the slider down to the bottom death point, rotate the controller panel key to the down button. And then press the button of adjust the die height, see the variety of the die height .

Stroke And Die of Power Press

Stroke And Die of Power Press

power press machine

The pneumatic punching machine can realize the function of stopping the slider at any position, and the inching or jogging function will let the slider to the bottom death center (the mold is closed), Loosen the fastening screws and bolts of the mold.

power press machine

Use the mold adjustment function to raise the slider to a certain height, and then turn the slider back to the top death center. Then use a forklift to take the mold, and keep the mold balanced to prevent tipping when it is forked.

The action of assembling the mold is opposite to the front. In order to prevent the large height error of the two molds, occur the mold crushing failure, you need raise the slider upwards by a certain distance after the initial measurement of the mold closing height. When installed the mold, downward the slider gradually, and pressed in the mold.

Lock the screws and bolts, when testing the mold, one adjustment should not be too large to prevent the Stuck occurring.

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