J21 200T Sheet Metal Mechanical Punching Machine C Type
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J21 200T Sheet Metal Mechanical Punching Machine C Type

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J21 200T Sheet Metal Mechanical Punching Machine C Type

Product Description

The J21 200T Sheet Metal Mechanical Punching Machine is an industrial piece of equipment used for punching, forming, and cutting metal sheets.


1. Automotive Industry: Used for punching and forming car body parts, frames, and other components.

2. Construction: Useful in fabricating metal parts for construction hardware like brackets, beams, and panels.

3. Electronics: Helps in creating precise cuts and holes in metal casings and frames used in electronics manufacturing.


●Efficiency: Increases production efficiency with high-speed operations and minimal downtime.

●Precision: Ensures high precision and repeatability, crucial for quality control in metal fabrication.

●Durability: Designed to be durable and requires relatively low maintenance, making it a cost-effective option in the long run.

Main Features

Capacity: The J21 200T has a punching capacity of 200 tons, making it suitable for handling thick and large sheets of metal.

Construction: Built with a robust frame to withstand rigorous industrial use, it ensures stability and precision during operation.

Control System: It often features an advanced control system that allows for precise adjustments and control over the punching operations. This system can be programmable for automated operations and consistency.

Versatility: This machine is capable of performing a variety of tasks beyond just punching, including bending, drawing, and forming depending on the tooling and attachments used.

Safety Features: Equipped with safety guards and emergency stop features to protect operators from accidents.

Technical Parameters

No. Item. Unit J21-200T
1 Nominal Force KN 2000
2 Slide Storke mm 160
3 Number of Stroke times/min 36
4 Closed Height mm 390
5 Closed Height Adjustment mm 110
6 Throat Depth mm 400
7 Column Distance mm 740
8 Table Size Front and Back mm 740
Left and Back mm 1300
9 Slide Bottom Size Front and Back mm 580
Left and Back mm 760
10 Shouk Dimension Diameter mm 65
Depth mm 90
11 Thickness of Table mm 150
12 Dimension Front and Back mm 2380
Left and Back mm 1900
Height mm 3890
13 Motor kw 18.5
14 Weight kg 16200

Product Details

   Mechanical punching machinMechanical punching machin

Mechanical punching machin

Mechanical punching machine

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