J23 Mechanical Punching Machine for sale
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J23 Mechanical Punching Machine for sale

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Mechanical Punching Machine for sale

63T Punching Machine

A punching machine, also known as a punch press, is a piece of machinery used in manufacturing and metalworking processes. It's designed to punch holes, slots, or other shapes in materials such as metal, plastic, paper, or fabric. These machines are a crucial part of various industries and are used for a wide range of applications, including creating parts for products like automotive components, electronic devices, and appliances.

1. Operation: Punching machines operate by using a punch and die set. The punch is the tool that creates the hole or shape, and the die is the counterpart that provides the necessary support and shape to the material being punched.

2. Types of Punching Machines:

Mechanical Punch Presses: Operated using a mechanical mechanism, typically using a flywheel to store and release energy for the punching action.

3. Hydraulic Punch Presses: Utilize hydraulic systems to generate the force needed for punching. They are known for their high force capabilities and accuracy.

Pneumatic Punch Presses: Use compressed air to power the punching action, suitable for lighter applications.

4. Applications:

Creating holes in metal sheets for bolts, screws, or other fasteners.

Forming specific shapes or profiles in sheet metal for various products.

Perforating materials for filtration purposes.

Manufacturing electrical enclosures, brackets, and other components.

Mechanical Punching Machine for sale

Main Features

● With an inclinable cast structure, the machine body can incline to allow a punched work-piece or waste material to slide down from the die.

● With a rigid turn-key clutch, the press has single or continuous operation standards.

● The punch press uses a single type brake. The sliding block is equipped with a press-down type safety device that can be pressed down to protect the entire machine.

● Avoid being damaged in case of overpressure.

● The machine has the advantages of high universality, high precision, reliable performance and convenient operation.

Technical Parameters

No. Item. Unit J23-80T
1 Nominal Force KN 630
2 Slide Storke mm 100
3 Number of Stroke times/min 50
4 Closed Height mm 380
5 Closed Height Adjustment mm 60
6 Throat Depth mm 280
7 Column Distance mm 350
8 Table Size Front and Back mm 450
Left and Back mm 700
9 Slide Bottom Size Front and Back mm 220
Left and Back mm 310
10 Shouk Dimension Diameter mm 50
Depth mm 100
11 Thickness of Table mm 80
12 Dimension Front and Back mm 1500
Left and Back mm 1200
Height mm 2400
13 Motor kv 5.5
14 Weight kg 3100

Product Details

Mechanical Punching Machine for saleMechanical Punching Machine for saleMechanical Punching Machine for saleMechanical Punching Machine for sale

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