The Reason For Low Pressure of Hydraulic Press Machine
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The Reason For Low Pressure of Hydraulic Press Machine

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If other external reasons are excluded, it is likely that the machine has leaked

1. The pump is seriously worn and has large internal leakage.

2. Overflow valve is in normal open state due to failure.

3. The internal leakage of the directional valve is large.

4. The leakage in the actuator is large, indicating that the pump pressure is small.

The solution to the pressure rise of hydraulic press machine

1. Measures shall be taken for hydraulic press to reduce system temperature

2. Replace or repair used hydraulic pump

3. Dismantling and cleaning overflow valve of hydraulic press machine

4. Repair and replace the overflow main valve core and valve body

5. Disassemble and clean the overflow valve, replace or repair the pilot needle valve and valve seat

6. Dismantle or repair the leaky poppet valve or the poppet valve is not installed in the valve seat hole. For this, you can check the poppet valve's assembly or tightness.

7. Replacement or repair of pressure regulating hand wheel of hydraulic press machine

8. Replace or replace the pressure regulating spring

9. Replacement or repair of valve seat and pilot needle valve

Solutions to common pressure failures of hydraulic presses

1.There are too many impurities in the power source in the hydraulic machine, especially some pollutants that are easy to be entangled, it is easy to make the hydraulic motor blades entangled, and the hydraulic motor speed is uneven,  causing the hydraulic oil flow to be blocked and causing uneven pressure. For such failures, it is recommended to replace the hydraulic oil filter device, and then replace the hydraulic oil.

hydraulic press machine

2.The hydraulic pump is faulty, which is also the part where the hydraulic machine is more prone to failure. There are probably three reasons:

● The sealing ring is damaged and air flows in, causing uneven pressure;

 There are no paper pads on both sides of the pump body and the pump cover; the pump body and the pump cover are not vertically sealed: this requires air to be sucked during rotation: the paper pad is added between the pump body and  the pump cover; , So that the verticality error of the pump body and the pump cover does not exceed 0.005mm, tighten the connection between the pump body and the pump cover, and there must be no leakage.

Damage of the hydraulic pump itself, insufficient gear engagement, resulting in insufficient oil supply and uneven pressure.

3.The failure of the oil suction pump, this is also due to insufficient oil absorption, resulting in uneven pressure

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