The Ultimate Guide to Press Brake
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The Ultimate Guide to Press Brake

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Working Principle of Press Brake 

Fix the top punch and bottom die on the upper and lower worktable,utilize the relative motion of the worktable driven by hydraulic transmission as well as the shape of punch and die,to achieve the bending formation for sheet metal materials.

Press brake composition

press brake machine

Generally, the press brake machine including four main parts:mechanical parts,electrical parts,hydraulic part, and NC controller, The details are as follows:

1.Press brake frame

press brake machine

The frame of press brake is welded by the left and right upright plate, worktable, supporting bodies and fuel tanks. The worktable is under the left and right uprights. The fuel tank is welded with the uprights. Which can improve the rigidity and strength of the frame, as well as increase the heat dissipation area of the hydraulic oil, it is advantageous to the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

Features of press brake structure:

1.Adopt fully welded structure,with sufficient strength and rigidity;

2.Up transmission of hydraulic oil, the cylinders on both ends of press brake are installed on the slider, directly drive the sliding work;

3.Slider adopt torsion to force synchronization;

4.Adopt mechanical stopper, stable and reliable;

5.Slider stroke is adjusted by the controller,fine adjustment manually,counter display;

6.Wedge-shaped crowning, to ensure a higher bending accuracy.


The ram is made from the whole steel plate,and is connected with the piston rod in the cener of the left and right oil cylinder, the cylinder is fixed on the connecting plate of the left and right wall plate, and the piston rod is driven by hydraulic drive to move the slider up and down.

In order to ensure the accurate positioning of the ram in the upper dead point, a grating ruler is arranged on both sides of the ram to transfer the position information back to NC controller, and the position is adjusted by controller. 

At the same time to ensure the synchronous operation of the ram.

Adopt hydraulic transmission, slider part consists of the slider, oil cylinder and mechanical stopper for fine adjustment. The left and right cylinders are fixed on the frame, and the position (rod) is driven by the hydraulic pressure to move the slider up and down, The mechanical stopper is controlled by the numerical control system.


Controller by button box, the forward and backward movement of back stopper is driven by motor, and the moving distance of back stopper is controlled by CNC controller, with minimum reading 0.01mm(there stroke limit switch both at front and back position)

Synchronization system

The mechanical synchronization mechanism, which consists of torsion, swing arm, joint bearings etc, has simple structure, stable and reliable performance, as well as high precision synchronization. 

The position of the mechanical press brake stops is adjusted by the motor, while the data is controlled by CNC controller.

Press brake back gauge

The backgauge of the CNC press brake adopt motor driving transmission, to realize synchronous movement of two ball screw timing belt. The backgauge distance is controlled by CNC controller.

press brake machine

press brake machine

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