Types of Bending Machines Hydraulic Oil
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Types of Bending Machines Hydraulic Oil

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Hydraulic Oil for Bending Machines

Hydraulic oil volume of a bending machines refers to the amount of hydraulic oil required to operate the machine's hydraulic system, which is the main part responsible for providing power and control to various components.

Hydraulic Oil for Bending Machines

Usually the amount of hydraulic oil required for a press brake depends on various factors, such as the size of the machine, the type of hydraulic system, and operating conditions. Generally speaking, the hydraulic system of large machines is more complex and requires more hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic oil is a liquid used in hydraulic systems to transmit power and lubricate moving parts. Usually there are the following types:

Hydraulic Oil for Bending Machines

1. Mineral oil: The most common type of hydraulic oil is made from petroleum. It has good lubrication properties and is suitable for most hydraulic systems.

2. Synthetic oil: Made from synthetic base oils, such as polyalphaolefins (PAO), esters or diesters. Synthetic hydraulic oils perform better under extreme temperatures and high pressures than mineral oils.

Hydraulic Oil for Bending Machines

3. Biodegradable oil: Made from vegetable oil or other biodegradable materials. Often used in environmentally sensitive areas to prevent soil and water contamination.

4. Fire-resistant oil: Made of water or synthetic ester, with a higher flash point than mineral oil. Fire-resistant oil is generally used in situations where there is a risk of fire.

5.HVI oil: High viscosity index (HVI) oil is able to maintain its viscosity over a wide temperature range. Suitable for use in environments with large temperature changes.

Hydraulic Oil for Bending Machines


1. Regularly monitor the oil level: Check the oil level regularly to ensure that the hydraulic oil is within the recommended range. An oil level that is too low can cause damage to the system, while an oil level that is too high can cause foaming and reduced hydraulic system performance.

2. Check the quality of the oil: Check the quality of the hydraulic oil regularly to ensure that it is still functioning effectively. This can be done through oil analysis, which can check for contaminants, water content and viscosity. It is important to regularly monitor the condition of your hydraulic oil, and oil analysis is performed to ensure that your hydraulic oil is functioning effectively. Signs that an oil change is needed include a drop in viscosity, an increase in operating temperature, foaming, and contamination from debris or water. If these signs appear, the hydraulic oil should be changed immediately to prevent damage to the press brake and ensure optimal performance.

Hydraulic Oil for Bending Machines

3. Regular oil change: Change the hydraulic oil according to the recommended intervals. If the oil has been contaminated or degraded, it should be replaced in advance. Dirty or contaminated oil can cause damage to the system and reduce machine performance. The frequency of press brake hydraulic oil changes depends on a variety of factors, including the manufacturer's recommendations, the intensity and frequency of use, operating conditions and the quality of the oil itself. Generally speaking, it is recommended to change hydraulic oil at least once a year. If your press brake is used more intensively or is frequently operated in a harsh environment, the hydraulic oil may need to be changed more frequently.

4. Use recommended oil: Use the type of hydraulic oil recommended by the bending machine manufacturer. Because using the wrong hydraulic oil can cause system damage and reduced machine performance.

Hydraulic Oil for Bending Machines

5. Keep the system clean: Keep the hydraulic system clean and free of debris. Dirt and debris can contaminate the oil and cause system damage.

6. Check and replace filters: Check and replace filters regularly to ensure they are not clogged and working effectively. A clogged filter can cause pressure drops and reduced performance.

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