W11-4*1500 Sheet Rolling Machine Manufacturer
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W11-4*1500 Sheet Rolling Machine Manufacturer

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Product Description

4mm roller plate machine, W11-4*1500 sheet rolling machine manufacturer. Three-roll plate rolling machine has mechanical and hydraulic type: mechanical three-roll plate rolling machine is divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical. Sheet metal can be rolled into circular, arc and conical workpieces within a certain range.

Working Principle

The upper roller of the plate rolling machine is in the symmetrical position of the center of the two lower rollers through the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston to make vertical lifting motion, and the last gear of the main reducer drives the gears of the two lower rollers to mesh and rotate to provide torque for the rolled plate . The flat plastic metal plate of the plate rolling machine passes between the three work rolls (two lower rolls and one upper roll) of the plate rolling machine. With the help of the lower pressure of the upper roll and the rotation of the lower roll, the metal plate passes through multiple passes. Continuously bend, produce permanent plastic deformation, and roll into the required cylinder, cone or part of them. The disadvantage of this hydraulic three-roll plate bending machine is that the end of the plate needs to be pre-bent with other equipment. This plate rolling machine is suitable for large plate rolling machines with a thickness of more than 50mm. A row of fixed idlers is added to the lower part of the two lower rollers to shorten the span of the two lower rollers, thereby improving the accuracy of the rolled workpiece and the overall performance of the machine.

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Main features

The W11 fully-mechanical symmetric upper adjusting three-roll plate coiling machine is common equipment for bending metal plates. The two lower rolls of the machine are driving rolls and are driven to rotate by mechanical transmission of the motor and the reducer. The upper roll is a driven roll and rises and falls through mechanical transmission that is implemented by the motor, the reducer, a worm and a gear. The multifunctional three-roll plate coiling machine has a special die arranged on one side of an overturned body, and this special die has a section bending function. All actions of the machine are under electrical concentrated control, which makes the operation simple and maintenance convenient. The machine is economic, simple and practical plate coiling equipment.

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●The lower roller is driven by the main motor through the main reducer. The main reducer output shaft transmits to the two lower rollers through a group of gear wheel. The roller driving direction is switched by the main motor. 

●The elevation movement of the upper roller is realized by the auxiliary motor through the auxiliary reducer, which drives worm and worm wheel under the left and right roller bearing to move automatically, makes the steel wire nut which is fixed on the worm wheel rotating, and completed by up and down movement of ball bearing screws accordingly.

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●The offloading device is used after the round cylinder has been finished. Before leaving the left bearing seat, raises the upper roller to standard height, and make the upper roller stop with balance pull rod at the bottom of upper roller. Then draw out pin shaft on the tilting bearing seat, overturn the tilting bearing seat, then the coiled product can emerge from one end of the upper roller.

●The main components are: three 45 steel forged rollers, HRC3545, support frame is welded, process after being welded, the lower pallet is a welded part. Ball bearing screw and worm gear are 45 steel forged parts.

●Electrical parts is adopted famous apparatus, steady performance, durable, safe and reliable, operates conveniently.

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Technical Parameters
No. Item Unit W11-4*1500
1 Max Rolling Thickness mm 4
2 Max Rolling Width mm 1500
3 Coiled material yield strength Mpa 245
4 Rolling Speed m/s 6.5
5 Main Rolling Diameter mm 300
6 Upper Roller Diameter mm 150
7 Bottom Roller Diameter mm 140
8 Distance Between Two Bottom Rollers mm 185
9 Dimension mm 3110*950*1030
10 Motor KW 4

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