Y41-250T Single Column Hydraulic Press for Straightening and Forming
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Y41-250T Single Column Hydraulic Press for Straightening and Forming

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Hydraulic Press

Single Column Hydraulic Press

A single-column hydraulic press is a type of hydraulic press machine with a single vertical column that supports the upper ram or platen. It is commonly used for a wide range of metal forming, pressing, and assembly applications. Here's an overview of its key components and typical uses:

Key Components:

1. Frame: The frame of a single-column hydraulic press is a rigid structure that provides stability and support. It consists of a single vertical column that is securely anchored to the ground, ensuring that the press remains stable during operation.

2. Hydraulic System: This press is powered by a hydraulic system that generates the force required for pressing operations. It typically includes a hydraulic pump, hydraulic hoses, valves, and a hydraulic reservoir. The hydraulic system is responsible for controlling the movement of the ram or platen.

3. Ram or Platen: The ram is the upper part of the press that moves vertically to apply force to the workpiece. It is controlled by the hydraulic system and can be equipped with various tooling or attachments, depending on the specific application.

4. Worktable: The worktable is the lower part of the press where the workpiece is positioned. It provides a stable surface for supporting the material being processed.

Typical Uses:

1. Metal Forming: Single-column hydraulic presses are often used for metal forming processes, such as bending, straightening, and deep drawing. They can shape metal sheets or plates into desired forms or profiles.

2. Assembly Operations: These presses are used in assembly processes to press-fit or join components together. For example, they can be used to assemble bearings, bushings, or other parts into shafts or housings.

3. Stamping and Punching: Single-column hydraulic presses are employed in stamping and punching operations to create holes, shapes, or patterns in metal sheets. They are commonly used in the production of metal parts and components.

4. Embossing and Coining: They are also used for embossing or coining processes, where intricate designs or patterns are stamped onto the surface of materials, such as metal or plastic.

5. Compression Molding: In some industries, these presses are used for compression molding processes, where materials like rubber, plastics, or composite materials are molded into specific shapes or parts.

6. Testing and Quality Control: Single-column hydraulic presses can be used for material testing and quality control, such as conducting compression tests to assess the strength and properties of materials.

Single-column hydraulic presses are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different applications, from small benchtop models for lighter tasks to larger industrial units for heavy-duty operations. They offer precise control over force and displacement, making them versatile machines in manufacturing and metalworking industries. Proper training and safety precautions are crucial when operating hydraulic presses due to the high forces involved.

Hydraulic Press

Main Features

● It adopts intelligent structure, C type single arm frame structure, has the feature such as good reliable, simple structure and easy operation. With a rigid turn-key clutch, the press has single or continuous operation standards.

● The frame is entirely welded with steel plates and treated to relive stress by tempering.

● Cartridge valve equipped for hydraulic control system, reliable, durable and less hydraulic shock, shorter connection pipeline and fewer release points.

● The operating force, no-load traveling and, low-speed movement and travel range can be adjusted subject to technological requirements.

● Hydraulic system adopts pressure pre-release device, low impact of hydraulic pressure.

● Independent electrical control, reliable, audio-visual and convenient for maintenance.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit Y41-250T
1 Nominal Force KN 2500
2 Throat Depth mm 360
3 Max opening height mm 1000
4 Pressing bead stroke mm 500
5 Worktable size L-R mm 700
6 F-B mm 800
7 Speed Fast down mm/s 120
8 Working mm/s 8~15
9 Return mm/s 90
10 Table height above floor mm 700
11 Dimension Front and Back mm 1850
Left and Right mm 1300
Height mm 3200
12 Weight kg 9600
13 Motor power kw 22

Product Details

Hydraulic PressHydraulic PressHydraulic Press

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