2 Large Hydraulic Presses Exported to Canada
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2 Large Hydraulic Presses Exported to Canada

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PPD Group purchased the first large hydraulic press of 1,350 tonnes from HARSLE in 2017. In 2019, before the epidemic, he purchased another large hydraulic press of the same tonnage. With the recent improvement in the international business, they built a new factory, so recently they started the discussion about a new order with HARSLE.

China hydraulic press

PPD Group has a strong presence in product development and production and sales, with independent R&D centres and several production plants in Quebec and South Dakota. Since 1960, the company has developed significant expertise in a variety of markets, including transportation, agriculture, industrial equipment, recreational vehicles, as well as mining, consumer goods and medical equipment, and is a well-known local household name.

China hydraulic press

China hydraulic press

The purchase of our large 1350 ton hydraulic press is primarily used to press their metal workpieces, which then undergo a series of finishing processes and inspection and packaging before they can be sold. Although our hydraulic press is used for preliminary rough machining, its processing speed and results are not at all rough.

China hydraulic press

China hydraulic press

First of all, the large tonnage of 1350 tons makes it possible to process most kinds of workpieces perfectly, whether it is a small workpiece or a very large and thick workpiece, or even some special workpieces in the smallest detail, our hydraulic presses can handle it with ease. Secondly, our hydraulic presses are made with the best accessories and motors on the market, which not only ensure the accuracy of processing, but also greatly extend the life of the machine and shorten the maintenance cost. Coupled with our after-sales engineers' meticulous guidance and Mr. P's regular maintenance, the two large machines have been in use for several years without any problems and have been operating dutifully on the production line.

ppd hydraulic press

It is the quality of our products and good service that have earned us the trust of our customers, resulting in one order after another. In the future, we will do our best to make more and better machines for our customers.

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