Advanced Customization Swing Beam Shearing Machine - Automatic Plate Feeding Table
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Advanced Customization Swing Beam Shearing Machine - Automatic Plate Feeding Table

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Machine Application

Swing beam shearing machines with automatic plate feeding table are widely used in manufacturing industries such as machinery manufacturing, automotive, shipbuilding, container manufacturing, metal structures, boiler containers, household appliances and light industry.

The machine is suitable for shearing steel plates of specified thickness and width with the introduction of advanced European technology. When the strength of the material to be cut is high, the thickness of the material to be cut should be reduced and a better material blade should be used. Usually the standard machine blades are only suitable for shearing steel plates with a tensile strength of less than 450Mpa and should not be used for shearing stainless steel and other high tensile strength plate materials.

Shearing Machine

Machine Features

⒈European style machine shape, novel and unique, beautiful and generous.

⒉Adopt ESTUN special CNC system for shearing machine, easy to operate, easy to learn, the CNC system can automatically control the backstop, shear angle, blade gap, shear stroke and processing quantity, improve production efficiency.

⒊The CNC front feeder is connected to the shearing machine to achieve fully automatic production and at the same time improve the shearing accuracy. No manual feeding reduces the safety hazards and the labour intensity of manual handling. It does not scratch the surface of the product, which improves the quality of the product and is also suitable for mass production.

Shearing Machine

⒋Using precision linear guide and ball screw drive backstop, with high speed and large working stroke, broaden the processing range of the machine and improve production efficiency.

⒌Adopting BOSCH-REXROTH integrated hydraulic valve stack for reliable performance. Tandem cylinder synchronisation system for even force on the machine.

⒍The three-point supporting roller guide is used to make the tool holder move without clearance between the rollers, and the blade clearance is stable and reliable to improve the machining quality of the workpiece.

⒎The fixed lower blade and adjustable upper blade make it easy to adjust the uniformity of the blade gap and save time for tool change.

⒏The standard configuration of the auxiliary positioning of the rear bracket can prevent the sheet from sagging and improve the processing accuracy of thin and large-sized boards.

Main Structure

The machine is mainly composed of the frame, knife holder, backstop, backstop, hydraulic system, pressing device and electrical system.

⒈The frame adopts steel plate welded structure, which is made of left and right wall plate, working table, pressing beam and cross beam and other parts welded into a frame structure with good rigidity. The left and right oil cylinders are mounted on the left and right wall plates and the upper support of the press beam, and the lower blade is fixed on the working table. The left side of the working table is equipped with a lateral blocking mechanism (with a front blocking mechanism), the block is positioned and counted with a scale. The verticality of the lateral stopper and the lower blade can be adjusted by means of the fastening screws underneath the material-holding arm.

Shearing Machine

⒉The main body of the tool holder is a welded assembly with sufficient rigidity. The tool holder is supported by a three-point roller guide, which is attached to the piston rod of the cylinder and moves in a reciprocating linear motion between the guides. The rear two pivot points are fixed to the wall plate and the front pivot point is a disc spring roller pivot fixed to the press beam so that the tool holder is always fitted to the rear two pivot points. The edge clearance adjustment mechanism is a turbo-worm reducer, which drives the upper pivot point to rotate eccentrically, causing the knife holder to make a slight rotation on the lower pivot point, thus changing the edge clearance value.

⒊The backstop is mounted on the base plate of the tool holder and moves up and down with the tool holder. The backstop is driven by a servo motor and driven by a synchronous belt and ball screw to drive the back and forth movement of the backstop on the linear guide. The entire blocking device is counted by the numerical control system, with accurate and reliable positioning and easy operation. The adjustment range of the rear stock stopper is 10~1000mm. note: when pushing the board material to the stock stopper when positioning, lean lightly on the stock stopper to ensure the positioning accuracy, otherwise it will affect its positioning accuracy.

⒋The back bracket is installed on the back side of the frame table, mainly to play an auxiliary positioning role, to prevent the plate material from sagging, causing the plate material size error. The back bracket is mainly composed of cylinder, synchronous shaft and bracket arm. Before shearing, the pallet arm is raised, and after positioning the pallet arm is turned over and dropped, the sheared plate material is slid down along the surface of the guard. The rear pallet range is 500 ~ 3050mm wide and 350 ~ 1050mm long.

⒌The hydraulic system is mounted on the support at the rear side of the frame and consists mainly of the main motor, oil pump, valve stack and oil tank. The BOSCH-REXROTH integrated hydraulic valve stack is used to enhance the stability and reliability of the hydraulic system. The use of American EMB high-pressure hose assembly and ferrule type fittings improves the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil.

Shearing Machine

⒍ The pressing device is mainly composed of a set of pressing cylinders installed on the pressing beam of the frame. After the press cylinder is fed with oil, it acts on the plunger rod, which overcomes the spring force and moves downwards to compress the plate material. After the shearing is completed, the plunger rod is reset by spring force. The size of the pressure force increases with the thickness of the sheared plate, the pressure force of the machine tool is set from small to large 0, I, II three grades, the user can adjust according to the actual situation of the material and thickness of the sheared plate. In cutting the maximum plate thickness of the narrow plate material, the press force needs to be adjusted to the maximum, and at least 2-3 press cylinders to press the plate material before cutting. There is a fixed guard in front of the press cylinder to ensure that the operator's fingers do not get between the knives when operating the machine.

⒎The electrical system uses ESTUN special numerical control system for shearing machines. The numerical control system and all operating buttons are mounted on the electrical cabinet on the left wall panel and are equipped with a foot switch.

Shearing Machine

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system of the machine is mainly composed of motor 3, oil pump 2, press cylinder 4, main cylinder 5, secondary cylinder 6 and valve stack (BOSCH-REXROTH), the whole system is more reasonable. The system pressure is controlled by the solenoid proportional relief valve 30 and the compression pressure of the pressing cylinder is controlled by the pressure reducing valve 50 (its change can be controlled by the pressure adjustment switch 0, I, II gear installed on the electrical cabinet to change gear).

Shearing Machine


No.  Failure phenomenon Causes Removal method
1 Noisy oil pump Damaged pump parts Replace pump
Foreign matter in the oil suction port Check the oil suction port and remove the foreign matter
Oil pump suction line leakage or oil tank level is too low, resulting in oil pump suction empty Replace the leaky part of the seal or add sufficient oil in the oil tank
Oil temperature is too low, oil viscosity is too large, resulting in excessive oil suction resistance Replace with low viscosity oil
2 The oil circuit can not establish pressure, the upper knife frame does not move Valve 10 or 60 spool is stuck by debris or pull hair and does not move  Check disassembly and cleaning
3 Shear angle cannot be adjusted Valve 10 or valve 70 spool is stuck or stretched by debris and does not operate Check and clean
4 Knife frame down, but no action of press cylinder Valve 140 spool is stuck or pulled by debris and does not operate Check and clean

Machine Lubrication

Good lubrication is an important condition to ensure the normal operation of the machine and to prolong its service life. When lubricating, use a grease gun to inject calcium-based grease into each lubrication position. The lubrication positions must be checked, maintained and cleaned frequently. The main lubrication locations, times and lubricants for this machine are as follows.

No.  Name of lubrication point Refueling interval Lubricant type
1 Upper and lower ends of left and right cylinders Once a month Calcium-based grease
2 Backstop left and right guide rails Once a week
3 Ball screw left and right of backstop Once a week
4 Support bearings for six rolling pivot points Once a day

Preparation for Test Run

⒈Familiarise yourself with the contents of the manual and understand the main structure of the machine, the operating methods and safety and maintenance precautions.

⒉Clean the surface of the machine tool with anti-rust oil, allow it to be cleaned with petrol or paraffin, do not use detergent with solvency power.

⒊Clean the oil tank before refuelling, do not allow any impurities in the tank, unscrew the screw cap of the air filter on the tank cover when refuelling, inject the filtered new oil YB (C)-N32 or YB (C)-N46 hydraulic oil (the filtering accuracy of the oiler must not be less than 5μm) until the oil level reaches the position above four-fifths of the level gauge indication. After repeated tests, the use of Mobil AFT-25 hydraulic oil, the best results; in the winter low temperature (about 5C), it is recommended to choose YB-N32 anti-wear hydraulic oil, must first let the machine idle for a period of time, if necessary, can be installed in the hydraulic system heater. The normal working oil temperature of the hydraulic system should not exceed 75C, if the oil temperature is too high then a cooler should be installed.

⒋Add lubricating grease at each moving part.

⒌Turn on the power, turn the electric cabinet switch to the "1" position, do not start the oil pump motor, check the hydraulic valves and related electrical components in order according to various process specifications and operation methods to see if they are acting normally.

Shearing Machine

Machine Operation

Press the motor start button, start the main motor, check whether the direction of rotation of the motor is the same as the direction of rotation on the oil pump label, by watching the coupling to understand the direction of rotation of the motor. If it does not match, it should be stopped immediately. When changing the direction of the motor, the power must be cut off by a professional and the incoming phase changed. When there is air in the piping system, you can use the method of alternately pressing the start button and the stop button and repeat several times, after the air is discharged, then make the oil pump into normal operation.

Shearing Machine

Machine Adjustment

The machine has been precisely adjusted and tested before leaving the factory. During transport, all adjustments may change and the following checks must be made before official use.

Blade clearance adjustment: The blade clearance of the machine is automatically adjusted by the CNC system. The proper adjustment of the blade gap will directly affect the shearing quality of the sheet and the service life of the blade. To obtain a high quality shear end, a reasonable blade clearance must be selected according to the material being sheared. It is recommended that the blade gap be adjusted using the following method.

With tensile strength σ = 370-400 MPa, elongation δ = 35% of the low carbon steel as the basis for adjustment, the blade clearance is selected by 8% of the plate thickness. For medium and high carbon steels with low elongation, the blade clearance should be larger than for mild steels of equal thickness. When cutting stainless steel plate, blade clearance depending on its elongation, and should be used to shear stainless steel blades, because some stainless steel elongation is higher than the same strength of high carbon steel.

Note that.

⒈After the blade clearance adjustment, the machine must run empty at least once before the official shear.

⒉shear plastic material, the blade gap should be slightly smaller; and shear brittle material, the blade gap should be slightly larger.

⒊ Each time after adjusting the blade clearance, must be test cut.

Shearing Machine

Safety Maintenance

For safe operation, the use of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic devices are high-risk machines, except for those listed in this manual, other maintenance must be carried out by professional maintenance personnel.

⒈The machine must be operated by a person in charge and the operator must be familiar with the manual and the operating instructions of the CNC system before operating the machine.

⒉When there are more than one person operating the machine, one person must be designated to drive the machine and only step on the foot switch or press the button when it is confirmed that there are no unsafe factors, so as not to cause accidents.

⒊ When positioning the sheet on the working table with the backstop, fingers must not be placed between the sheet and the working table, and the sheet must not be pushed into position until the backstop has reached the positioning point to avoid injury.

⒋When the machine is working, no tools or debris shall be placed between the working table and the knife mouth, and there shall be no welding scars and other defects on the surface of the workpiece to avoid damage to the blade.

⒌must be strictly in accordance with the shearable plate thickness, material and width, so that the CNC system automatically calculate before cutting, not overload, so as not to damage the machine. Our company is not responsible for damage caused by the use of machine tools overload.

⒍ Electrical insulation and grounding must be safe and reliable.

Shearing Machine

⒎ Maintenance of the hydraulic system and maintenance.

Regularly check the oil level of the oil tank, when the shortage should be replenished by filtered clean hydraulic oil. The machine uses YB (or YC) - N32 (or N46) hydraulic oil, the first time the oil used in 2000 working hours must be cleaned after the oil tank, replace the new oil, after every 2 years or 4000 working hours replaced once; hydraulic oil in the process of use will gradually aging deterioration, to a certain extent to be replaced in a timely manner, only in this way to ensure the lubrication of the moving parts of the hydraulic system, reduce This is the only way to ensure the lubrication of the moving parts of the hydraulic system, reduce friction and wear, and ensure that the system can work normally for a long time.

The oil filter should be cleaned for the first time (cleaned with petrol or trichloroethylene and blown dry) after one month of commissioning, and regularly every two months thereafter; the oil filter should be cleaned immediately if it is found to be blocked (signal light on) or if the oil pump screams (oil pump sucks air) during operation; if the oil filter is found to be bad, it should be replaced immediately.

The air filter mounted on the tank cover should be cleaned regularly with petrol or trichloroethylene, after two months of machine tool commissioning, for the first time, and then every four months on a regular basis.

If the valve block appears to be leaking, the seal should be replaced in time.

⒏ keep the machine clean, lubrication on time, in order to extend the service life of the machine, when using, should regularly check all mechanical parts of the fasteners have no loose phenomenon, such as the discovery of abnormalities, should immediately stop to check, to be removed after the fault, before continuing to use;.

⒐should regularly check whether the clearance of the knife mouth is too large or too small, if found to have changed, should be adjusted in a timely manner.

⒑ Regularly check the sharpness of the knife mouth, if the edge is found to be blunt, it should be sharpened in time.

⒒Regularly overhaul, after the overhaul should maintain the accuracy requirements specified in the certificate of conformity.

Shearing Machine

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