Bending Operations
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Bending Operations

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•Roll-bending –bending plates with a set of rolls

•Beading –bending the periphery of sheet metal into a cavity of a die to improve appearance and eliminate exposed edges

•Flanging –bending edges of sheet metal to 90 degrees

•Dimpling –punching a hole, followed immediately by flanging the edges

•Hemming –folding the edge of a sheet over itself

•Seaming –joining 2 edges of sheet metal by hemming

•Roll Forming –Multiple rolls to form linear products similar to extrusion

  Roll Forming

  Multi-stage rolling process for producing elongated sectional products from sheet metalTypical products are rain gutters and down spoutsCompetes with extrusion for some products

Bending Operations (1)

Deep Drawing Process

Bending Operations (2)

Stresses in Deep Drawing

  Compressive hoops stresses in the flange

Bending Operations (3)

Drawing Parameters

•Wrinkling is caused by compressive (hoop) stresses that are induced as the blank moves into the die cavity

•Blankholder (or hold-down ring) pressure must be correct

•Too much pressure causes tearing, too little causes wrinkling

•Typically 0.7-1.0% of the sum of the UTS and yield strength

•If Do-Dp< 5T, deep drawing may be successfully achieved without a blankholder

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Drawing Parameters

• Clearance is usually 7-14% sheet thickness 

• Deep drawability is expressed by the limiting drawing ratio

Bending Operations (5)

• Normal anisotropy

Bending Operations (6)

• R for rolled sheet metal 

Bending Operations (7)

Bending Operations (8)

Drawing Parameters

• Planar anisotropy determines whether earing will occur 

• If DR=0 no ears form 

• Ear height increases with DR 

• Low DR and high Ravg is desired, but, tend to increase together 

Bending Operations (9)

Earing in a drawn steel cup, caused by the planar anisotropy of the sheet metal.

Bending Operations (10)

Deep Drawing

  The metal-forming processes involved in manufacturing a two-piece aluminum beverage can

•Products: pots, food and beverage containers, kitchen sinks, car fuel tanks

Bending Operations (11)


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