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Greek Customer Feedback About Smart Press Brake

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This customer is from a sheet metal fabrication factory in Greece. He was very interested in our products after browsing our company's website and videos, so he established an initial contact with us. After a period of communication, the customer recognized the professional knowledge and timely response of our sales staff and the high quality of our products and chose to cooperate with HARSLE among three suppliers. 

Because it is the first time to receive the machine, due to the lack of operating experience, HARSLE first provided a detailed tutorial file and instructional video to the customer, and then formally use the process of the customer has any questions our engineers are timely online to answer questions, while encountering more difficult operational problems technical staff will also video call to solve, and finally the customer recognized the professionalism of our engineers and service, and at the same time Finally, the customer recognized the professionalism and service of our engineers, and also affirmed the HARSLE bending machine. 


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