HARSLE Steel Door Production Line in Uzbekistan
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HARSLE Steel Door Production Line in Uzbekistan

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For a long time, we have not only produced and sold machines such as bending machines and shearing machines individually, but also often provided professional equipment for steel door production lines and production solutions for manufacturers all over the world. With a knowledgeable and experienced team, we are dedicated to the development and design of sheet metal processing machines and the study of production line solutions. The product development department applies CAD CAPP PDM and other CAD software in the field of product upgrading, which gives the team a strong design capability. The adoption of advanced international management models and the introduction of German mechanical process technology has enabled us to continuously improve the quality of our products. When a customer contacts us, we assemble a professional team of sales managers and senior engineers to interface with the customer and match them with the most suitable production line.

This customer who from Uzbekistan, had already asked many machinery companies and made many comparisons before consulting us. But he was attracted by the quality of our products, our strong professionalism and our many success stories, so he finally chose us and bought the whole line from HARSLE.

 door production line (2)

After understanding the customer's needs and budget, we recommended all the machines required for the whole production line, such as 4*2500 swing beam shearing machine, door embossing machines, J23 punching machine, 63T2500 hydraulic bending machine, 100T3200 door frame bending machine, Combined punching machine, hot press, transfer machine and many other machines. At first the customer wanted to buy the machines from different manufacturers, but during the communication he was convinced by our professionalism and the many positive comments from our customers and finally decided to buy the whole metal door panel production line from HARSLE. According to the customer, "It is not easy to do business, and it is even harder to meet a good partner. But HARSLE engineers are very professional and Jimmy has always stood up for us, so we chose to trust HARSLE and believe that made in China, HARSLE machines will not let us down."

 door production line (1)

After two months of production and shipping, the customer finally received all the machines. Due to the complexity of the machines, we sent our engineer to the local area to help the customer install and debug the machines, and guide the customer to use them correctly. The customer was very satisfied with the machine and happily told the engineer that the HARSLE was faster and more accurate than he had expected and that it had helped them greatly in their production. In the years that followed, we were always the first to come to mind whenever the customer had a new requirement and we did our best to provide the best after-sales service possible.


HARSLE is absolutely impeccable in terms of product quality and professionalism, and we hope that you will choose HARSLE for excellent quality.

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