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Safety Light Curtain For CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

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A safety light curtain is a kind of photoelectric protection device to avoid safety accidents caused by operating workers or other people close to the running machines. As an optional safety device, the light curtain can be chosen to install on the inside of the column of HARSLE press brake machines, and that would be more effective to prevent personal injuries because of accidental intrusion, misoperation, or carelessness. We choose the safety light curtain from the well-known brands, with perfect self-testing function, strong resistance to electromagnetic and optical interference, strong vibration resistance, and superior waterproof and dustproof performance.

Press Brake with Safety Light Curtain

The emitter sends light emissions to the receiver on the other end and then the protective zone is formed. Once an obstruction (such as operator’s finger or other unexpected items) enters the protection zone, the light curtain will immediately send a signal to the controller and stop the movement of the slider simultaneously. 

Press Brake with Safety Light Curtain



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