A Deal With A Chinese Customer in Australia
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A Deal With A Chinese Customer in Australia

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This month's shipment of WC67K-200T3200 bending machine with DA41T system and QC11K-16*4000 guillotine shearing machine with DAC310T system, plus pneumatic front pallets for bending machines, removable tables, bending machine dies and shearing machine blades, the total order amount is up to 70,000 USD. This customer is a Chinese customer who is far away from overseas. He has his own large factory in Australia, mainly producing and processing screens, and this purchase of machines is to expand his new business.

sheet metal bending mahcine

sheet metal bending mahcine

The customer found us through our official website back in late 2020 and first inquired about a 160T/3200 bending machine with DA41S system. After understanding the customer's products, plates and budget, we recommended the WC67K-200T3200 bending machine with DA41T system to the customer. Although the price is a bit higher, it is definitely more suitable for the customer, which not only ensures that all the products required by the customer can be processed but also improves the work efficiency and workpiece accuracy, and must be more suitable for the customer from the aspect of cost performance. Then we sent our company's qualification and related certificates, as well as a series of positive customer reviews to the customer, which immediately enhanced the customer's goodwill and trust. Since the customer is Chinese, although communication is in English, the customer speaks Mandarin very well, so phone calls became a quick and effective way to communicate.

In the follow-up, the customer asked about the differences between E21, DA41S, DA41T and DELEM's higher level systems, and we gave a detailed introduction and comparison to help the customer make a better choice. As for the price, due to the customer's recognition of us, coupled with our accurate recommendation and after-sales guarantee, the customer did not have much opinion on the quotation, and finally reached a mutually satisfactory price. But in the next step about the volume and weight of the machine, and the shipping cost, the customer appeared to be shocked. Because of the large size and weight of our machines, coupled with the serious increase in international shipping costs since the epidemic, the shipping cost from China to Australia even forced the price of the machines, far beyond the customer's plan, and the shipping cost was beyond our control, so the deal became a deadlock.

sheet metal bending mahcine

But our salesman didn't give up and continued to follow up with the customer, sending new machines and promotions to the customer for viewing for the first time every time. Finally, the effort is not lost, at the end of February this year, the New Year season, the customer finally gave us a reply, he said that according to their freight forwarder said a large container loaded with a machine is not cost-effective, and asked the price of shearing machining machine and laser cutting machine. After confirming the machine model with the customer, we found that the volume of the three machines is not small, so we explained to the customer that three machines can not fit in one tall container, and suggested buying two first. But the customer has not replied, so we followed up with the customer one after another for half a year.

Until September, this year, our company launched a few new product products. In the mass marketing, the customer received our email and finally replied to us. The customer asked about the price of 4.2 m and 8 mm thick carbon steel guillotine shearing machines, and explained that the past six months were affected by the epidemic and their factory massively reduced production. He had checked our emails and was very satisfied with our machines with good customer reviews, but never replied because he had no purchase plan for time being. Now that the epidemic is under control and the company has customized a new purchase plan for 2022, they decided to buy the machine. 


We followed up with a detailed introduction about the shearing machineing machine to the customer. Since 4 m long guillotine shearing machines are hard to see in their local area, we sent a lot of previously made 4 m guillotine shearing machines to the customer for reference, proving to the customer that we not only have corresponding strength but also such a production scale is common or even easy for us. After confirming all the machines and accessories, assuring the customer of the delivery date, and helping the customer to check the shipping cost, we signed the contract, and finally reached a perfect order after nearly a year.

press brake


sheet metal bending mahcine

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