CNC Bending Machine Use Maintenance Official Guidance (2021 Latest Version)
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CNC Bending Machine Use Maintenance Official Guidance (2021 Latest Version)

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The short Spring Festival holiday has ended, the work of the new year also began officially with the gradual improvement of the epidemic, many companies began to put production on track, take this opportunity to share with you a little knowledge of the operation of CNC bending machine use:

CNC bending machine

1. Before operation to check the leakage maintainer, the blade is not secure power wiring is not accurate, CNC bending machine is a large function, adaptable is our can use its premise, the insulation of the electrical components is not flawless, the transmission parts are not shielded, the body is not a reliable zero (grounding) maintenance. Acknowledge that there is no problem before use.

2. Before use must be empty to try to work, to recognize no abnormalities before officially starting operations, CNC bending machine must go through a reasonable debugging before you can use.

3. In bending sheet metal, the metal plate must be placed smoothly, when the slider begins to move down, the upper die down, fix the metal plate for bending. Please do not process metal plates beyond the rated thickness or too hard.

4. When bending short metal plate, pay attention to hold the plate material, to prevent the edge of the warp injury.

5. When bending long metal plate, two people should operate, the latter listen to the former's command, cooperation and harmony, safety first.

6. During the work of the bending machine, it is prohibited to adjust, repair and clean up.

7. Replace the mold and repair, first power off after the replacement. CNC bending machine with good overall coordination can increase its overall function, the processed metal plate should be neatly placed, the waste generated by the processing must be organized and clean. After the processing is completed pull the gate and power off, lock the gate box before disengaging.

In addition to the above-mentioned points of use, daily maintenance is very important, not only to extend the service life of the machine, and can effectively avoid machine failure. But many people do not know much about the details of maintenance, the following to introduce you to some CNC bending machine maintenance methods: 

CNC bending machine

● The new machine should be changed within one month of work, and then once a year.The oil tank should be cleaned with each oil change.

Hydraulic oil used in bending machines for No. 46 hydraulic oil or No. 32 hydraulic oil, used according to the actual situation.

● Monthly check the oil level of the tank, such as hydraulic system maintenance should also be checked after the oil level below the oil window should be filled with hydraulic oil.

The system oil temperature should be between 35℃~60℃, not more than 70℃, such as too high will lead to the deterioration of oil quality and accessories damage.

The filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned at each oil change.

Machine tools with related alarms or other filter abnormalities such as unclean oil, should be replaced.

After one month of use of the new machine, check each oil pipe bend for deformation, if there is an abnormality should be replaced, after two months of use, should tighten the connections of all accessories, should be shut down when doing this work, no pressure on the system.

Monthly cleaning of hydraulic components (substrate, valve, motor, etc.), it is best to add a shield on the hydraulic system to prevent dirt from entering the system, can not use cleaning agents.

After the introduction of the operation and routine maintenance, CNC bending machine backstop is also prone to failure in the use of the next to give you an analysis of the common failures of the backstop.

CNC bending machine

1 . After the blocking material can not act. 

Check whether the drive has an alarm 

Check the axis limit switch 

Check the reliability of the connector 

2. Driver alarm 

3. X、R-axis operation is not smooth, with jitter 

4. The positioning accuracy changes. 

● Mechanical problems (with or without loosening, impact) 

● Electrical → one-way positioning 

● Parameter adjustment 

● Whether the tension wheel is loose, screw connection screw is loose 

5. Overload alarm: whether the ball screw can rotate easily, possibly the steel ball is damaged.

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