WE67K-80T/2500 Hydraulic CNC Press Brake with DA-58T
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WE67K-80T/2500 Hydraulic CNC Press Brake with DA-58T

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Press Brake

Main Features

HARSLE 80T/2500 CNC Press brake machine with E21, sheet metal equipment for sale. The hydraulic bending machine includes a bracket, a worktable, and a clamping plate. The worktable is placed on the bracket. The worktable is composed of a base and a pressure plate. The base is connected to the clamping plate by a hinge. The base is composed of a seat shell, a coil, and a cover plate. The coil is placed in the recess of the seat shell, and the top of the recess is covered with a cover plate. When in use, the coil is energized by the wire, and after the electricity is energized, a gravitational force is generated on the pressure plate, to realize the clamping of the thin plate between the pressure plate and the base. Due to the use of electromagnetic force clamping, the pressing plate can be made into various workpiece requirements, and the workpiece with sidewalls can be processed.

DA58T (1)

Technical Parameters

No. Item Unit 80T/2500
1 Bending Force kN 800
2 Bending Length mm 2500
3 Columns Distance mm 2100
4 Throat Depth mm 350
5 Ram Stroke mm 160
6 Daylight mm 450
7 Table Width mm 100
8 Oil Tank L 180
9 Front Support PCS 2
10 Main AC Motor KW 7.5
11 Pump Displacement ML/R 16
12 Hydraulic Pressure Mpa 28
13 Dimension Length mm 2900
14 Width mm 1550
15 Height mm 2500
16 Speed Rapid Speed mm/sec 200
17 Working Speed mm/sec 0-15
18 Return Speed mm/sec 160
19 Backgauge X-Axis Travel mm 550
20 R-Axis Travel mm 160
21 Positioning Accuracy mm 0.05
22 Stop Finger pcs 4

Product Details

press brakepress brakepress brakepress brakePRESS BRAKE

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