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How to Use DSP Laser Protection For Your Press Brake

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DSP laser protection device comprehensively protects the personal safety of the operators and avoid danger due to the rapid movements of the slider on the bending machine. We are going to describe the laser beam alignment method and protection mode adjustment in this article.

DSP Laser Protection

This is the transmitter. There is a receiver at the other side.

And we have a tool to help us with the alignment. That is the laser positioner. The above lowest point of the laser beam should be aligned with the TX line, and the lower end of the beam should be aligned with one of the reference lines. The positioner shall be stuck between the punch and dies of the machine.

DSP laser protection

Briefly speaking, there are 3 steps to the beam alignment. There is transmitter beam position adjustment, receiver beam position adjustment and overall position adjustment. Here we begin.

First, transmitter beam position adjustment. The positioner shall be stuck between the punch and dies of the machine. We put the positioner close to the transmitter first, and then observe the beam position on it. The beam position should meet the requirements mentioned above. If not, we have to adjust it from the transmitter.

DSP laser protection

We can adjust the beam in left &right direction after loosening those 4 screws.

DSP laser protection

We can adjust the beam in up & down direction after twisting this screw.

After the beam position on the transmitter end meet the requirements, do remember this position as we shall set it as the reference one. Then we move the positioner slowly to the right side and stop near the receiver. Then observe the beam. Still the same way to adjust the beam on the transmitter until the beam on the receiver side is back to the reference position. After that, we move the positioner to the transmitter end and observe the beam again. Repeat this action to ensure that the beam at both end is in the reference position and then tighten the four screws on the transmitter to secure it. We are now finished the first step, which is also the most difficult one. After this step, please do not tighten any screws on the transmitter or move the transmitter.

Second, receiver beam position adjustment. We need to observe the light leakage at the receiver from the RX part on the positioner. We have to make sure the light leakage is in the right position as below. We have to adjust the receiver If the leakage is not in the right place. 

DSP laser protection

Once the leakage place is right, remove the positioner and tighten the screws on the receiver.

Third and last step, overall position adjustment. We can adjust the overall position by loosening the switch shown below. Just make sure the lower end of beam is aligned with the horizontal line at the receiver. After correctly adjustment, the green light at the receiver will light up and the laser adjustment is all done until now.

DSP laser protection



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