Laser Cutting Machine Operation for Beginners
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Laser Cutting Machine Operation for Beginners

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Laser Cutting Machine Operation

The operation of a laser cutting machine involves several steps, including preparing the material for cutting, loading it onto the machine, and setting the machine parameters such as power, speed, and focus. Operators must also ensure that the machine is calibrated properly and the beam is aligned accurately to achieve precise cuts.

Safety is also a critical aspect of laser cutting machine operation, as the high-powered laser beam can cause severe burns or eye damage if proper precautions are not taken. Therefore, it is essential to follow safety protocols and wear appropriate protective gear such as goggles and gloves.

Laser Cutting Machine Operation

Laser Cutting Machine Shutdown Process

1. Shut down the computer, first shut down the software light switch, then shut down the software, and finally shut down the computer.

2. Close the laser (MAX laser, first close the button START, and then hit the key to 0FF, and then turn off the red main switch 0FF, Raycus laser, hit the key to 0FF, and then turn off the red main switch 0FF).

3. Close the electric control cabinet (two modes: 1. Press the switch power button, then press the red emergency stop button.

2. Press the power button and then the red emergency stop button to turn OFF the main switch on the side of the electric control cabinet.)

4. Turn OFF the water cooler (turn the red main switch to OFF/ pull down the circuit breaker switch).

5. Close the regulator switch, close the total electrical cabinet switch, close the air compressor, close the oxygen, air, nitrogen valve switch.

Laser Cutting Machine Operation Instructions

Equipment Startup Process

1. Open the main electrical cabinet, open the regulator, open the air compressor (discharge water 2-3 times/day), open the air, nitrogen, and oxygen switch valve, (oxygen adjustment to 0.8mpa).

2. Open the electric control cabinet of the device (1. Turn on the red main switch 0N,2.Press the switch power button).

3. Turn ON the water cooler (first turn ON the red main switch to ON/ push ON the circuit breaker switch).

4. Turn on the laser (first turn the red main switch clockwise, Raycus, turn the key to REM(turn the key to 0N for MAX, wait 10 seconds, and press the START button will light up).

5. Press the computer switch and turn on the device operation software.

6. After the software is opened, if there is an alarm, solve the problem according to the alarm content.

7. The device returns to the origin of the machine and checks that when the mechanical coordinate on the interface changes to 0 (x、y、z), the device returns to zero.

8. Import the graphics to be cut (a file in the upper right corner import and find the USB flash drive corresponding drawings) graphics format is DXF., according to the graphics requirements to add the corresponding functions (lead line, sewing compensation, cooling point, micro-link, combination, merge and other functions) and layout and add sort.

Laser Cutting Machine Operation Instructions

9. Import the corresponding process parameters (open the process, import a file to select the corresponding parameters, and select the parameters according to the plate, nozzle type and size, and cutting gas).

10. Put the plate, open the gas switch valve, check the pressure gauge, whether there is pressure.

11. Switch the platform, check the signal in place, and limit the switch, (whether it is in place to enter the upper platform or lower platform).

12 adjust the laser coaxial center, and then cut the plate calibration, the laser head down to the plate interval 5mm or so, open the height regulator (cypcut system BCS100) floating head calibration, (replacement plate or replacement nozzle, must be calibrated, replacement nozzle need to adjust the laser coaxial center).

13 manual border and automatic edge search,(according to the plate size set automatic edge search X axis and Y axis size, set the size is less than the actual plate size, move the laser head to the lower left corner of the plate, click automatic edge search, edge search end click save), at this time has automatic edge search end, you can use manual edge search,

Check whether the laser head red light is on the plate. If the red light is not on the right edge and the rear edge of the plate, check the size of the figure and whether the size is accurate.

14.Select the figure, select only processing the selected figure, and press the frame, after confirming the frame is correct, check whether the parameters are accurate, check whether there is gas in the handle button blowing and whether the gas type is corresponding to the parameters (oxygen, nitrogen or air), and finally confirm the correct after cutting

Laser Cutting Machine Operation Instructions

Equipment Maintenance
Period Equipment Repair Maintenance Purpose
Everyday 1 Check the input and output voltage of voltage regulator before starting Ensure that the equipment works within 380±20V to protect the equipment
2 Water cooler water temperature (ensure water temperature above 20℃ in winter) Prevent fog in laser and laser lens
3 Air compressor storage tank.Filter water discharge (depending on the frequency of use tank 3 times a day) Ensure the cleanliness of the gas, the gas is not clean will directly affect the cutting effect
4 Cleaning nozzle, ceramic ring slag Avoid slag caused by equipment follow the effect is not good, collision laser head, affect the cutting effect
5 Clean the dust outside the device and the laser head Ensure that the equipment is clean and tidy, prevent the cutting head from falling dust for a long time, and bring dust into the laser head cavity when replacing the lens
6 Clean the slag of the receiving trolley Avoid and allow waste to accumulate, waste into the equipment inside vent
Weekly 1 Check the cooling water path of the laser head and laser Prevent poor cooling effect caused by poor circulation of water leakage, damage to the lens and laser
2 Clean the external filter screen of water cooler Ensure heat dissipation of water cooler to achieve refrigeration effect
3 Check the fans in the PDC Ensure the heat dissipation of the PDC and prolong the service life of the device
4 Clean the external filter screen of air compressor Ensure good heat dissipation of air compressor and prolong the service life of equipment
5 Clean up the oil generated by ash on the guide rail, rack and lead screw of each shaft, and reapply 48# guide oil Ensure good lubrication of guide rail, rack and lead screw, prolong service life
Monthly 1 Replace distilled water inside water cooler Ensure the cooling effect of water cooling mechanism
2 Dust accumulates in all electrical parts of the clean current distribution cabinet when the power is off Ensure good heat dissipation of electrical parts and prolong service life
3 Check whether the dust cover in the X and Y directions is damaged Prevent dust and slag from entering the rack and guide rail and damaging the rack, gear and slider
4 Check oil level of lubricating oil pump Ensure lubrication effect
5 Clean the dust accumulation inside the exhaust duct Ensure good smoke exhaust effect
6 Check and test whether each shaft switch is normal, and clean up dust Ensure the safety of equipment operation
7 Test whether the emergency stop button of the equipment is complete and effective (test when the equipment does not move) Ensure equipment and personal safety in case of emergency
8 Clean the slag of equipment table and blade Ensure good cutting effect
Every Year 1 Replace the air compressor filter element and lubricating oil Ensure the normal operation of air compressor, gas cleanliness
2 Replace the filter element of water cooler (clean foreign matter) Ensure the cooling effect of water cooling mechanism
3 Check the perpendicularity of X and Y axes Ensure cutting accuracy
4 Check whether the screw in the transmission part of the equipment is loose (exchange platform) Ensure the normal operation of the equipment
5 Check whether the fixing screw of the laser head is loose Ensure that the laser head is stable and avoid affecting the follow-up function
6 Check whether the wiring of the device is damaged Ensure the safe and normal operation of the equipment

Number Equipment Safety Code
1 Equipment operators should have basic knowledge of hazard handling, laser basic knowledge and hazard voltage, and have been fully trained in machine operation

The equipment should be operated by trained personnel. Other personnel are forbidden to operate. Do not operate the machine under the influence of any drugs, sedatives or alcohol.

3 The area where the equipment is located should be designated as a danger zone and no one other than laser operators should enter the zone
4 When the operator leaves the equipment, the switch key and the laser key of the equipment control power should be removed to prevent other personnel from misuse
5 Do not wear gloves when operating any switch, key or button
6 Do not place inflammable and explosive items to avoid fire and explosion accidents (fire extinguishers should be equipped near the machine tools).
7 Processing workpiece in the high-temperature state, direct light touch, for fear of derivative scald. Gloves must be worn when cleaning cut debris and iron slag

Some materials produce harmful gases during laser processing. Inflammable and explosive, so before processing new materials, we should learn more about the details of the material manufacturer, so as to avoid poisoning, burns or explosions and other accidents.

9 Do not damage, remove, shield or relocate any safety devices or interlocking devices
10 In the process of the operation of the machine tool, please do not open the safety cover of machine, please do not enter the machine can move part of the movement of the beam or workbench, the door of the fixed bed and the base may produce extrusion danger:,, please do not measure in the process of cutting machine tools in the artifacts, remove the cutting piece inside the machine, and clean up any work within the machine tool
11 Do not leave any tools or parts on the machine, worktable, or in the surrounding area to avoid misoperation, injury to workers, or movement of the machining position.
12 It is strictly forbidden to lean any part of the body on the machine tool, so as not to touch the switch or key and cause misoperation
13 In case of any personal injury or machine tool fault, press the EMERGENCY STOP button in a timely manner. The relevant operator must be familiar with the function and position of the button to ensure that the button is pressed in an EMERGENCY.
14 If the machine tool stops suddenly in the process of operation, it should find out the cause of the failure and understand the steps to restore the operation. Before this, it is forbidden to start the operation again. Do not blindly rely on subjective judgment to draw a wrong conclusion and use the wrong conclusion to control the machine tool, which will lead to dangerous accidents
NO. Other Matters Needing Attention
1 The operation and maintenance of the equipment can only be carried out by the personnel authorized by our company, unauthorized professional training personnel are strictly prohibited to operate the equipment, our company provides free training services for the first time, if the second training or personnel change requires training, our company can provide paid services.
2 For wearing parts and consumables required in the use of the equipment, it is strictly prohibited to use parts from outside the factory without our permission. Installation or use of parts from outside the factory may cause damage to the machine tool and may cause unpredictable danger. Therefore, it is recommended to use all parts from the original factory.
3 The blown gas of air compressor should be kept clean and dry, without oil and water, and the filtration level should meet our standard requirements. Otherwise, it is easy to cause internal pollution of pipeline and laser head, and the laser head pollution will cause high maintenance costs.
4 If customers need to move and disassemble the machine, they need to contact our customer service staff to guide the machine, disassemble the machine, without contacting our customer service staff, move the machine or disassemble the machine, and cause the machine can not work normally or work abnormally, not within the scope of our warranty!

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