Repurchase Again And Again And Again! Mexican Customer Placed Two Million Orders in Two Years!
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Repurchase Again And Again And Again! Mexican Customer Placed Two Million Orders in Two Years!

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HARSLE always insists on market-oriented, customer-centered, focusing on sheet metal processing fields, constantly innovating, constantly surpassing, and continuously providing customers with the ultimate sheet metal processing products and solutions. After more than ten years of development, HARSLE has always adhered to the business principle of "making better machines and providing first-class services", and constantly increased the adjustment of product structure, which has not only harvested many new customers, but also firmly grasped the hearts of old customers. This is due to HARSLE's strategy of focusing on sheet metal processing and the guiding idea of customer-centeredness.  

First Time Purchase

High-quality machines and good after-sales service have enabled us to harvest many excellent regular customers. ALVARO from Mexico runs a transformer tank company that has been established for over forty years and has supplied a wide variety of transformer tanks to tens of thousands of customers. With continuous economic development in recent years, ALVARO's orders have been rising year by year, so in early 2020, the customer explained his desire to purchase a press brake through our official website After understanding the customer's needs and budget, we recommended the WE67K-110T3200 electro-hydraulic press brake with DA-66T system for the customer. The customer, adhering to the principle of quality service first, compared several companies and finally chose our company and took our advice to decide to buy the machine we recommended.

bending machine Mexican

This machine uses the DA-66T system from DELEM of the Netherlands, a new generation of touch-screen CNC systems that provide more efficient programming, operation and control of today's press brakes. Combined with modern advanced process technology, it is easier to operate and increases productivity. Infrared touch screen operated user application interface provides more direct and quick navigation function keys for product programming and machine setup, shortening operation time. DA-66T provides 2D product programming, automatic calculation of bending process and collision detection function. 3D all-round, multi-station tooling shows the feasibility of bending operation on real machines in real time. The use of more efficient algorithms to optimize entire machine work, shorten the operating cycle, and improve machine efficiency, while the machine is easier to adjust and control.

bending machine Mexican

The machine increases the number of axes to 6 + 1 axes, which greatly improves the work efficiency and bending accuracy of the press brake and ensures high quality and high efficiency.


The customer chose the standard upper die and 4V lower die for the tooling. All the bending dies are hardened and ground, and the dimensional tolerances of the key parts are ground to a high precision to provide the best bending processing. The selection of high precision bending dies eliminates the need for secondary operations to correct for errors, thus reducing processing costs. In addition, the heat-treated bending tool has more lasting high precision and high standardization than ordinary tooling.


After a month of manufacturing and 35 days of shipping, the machine finally arrived at ALVARO's factory and was put into production under our remote guidance, with a significant increase in productivity and finished parts.

bending machine Mexican


With a good impression of our machine and service, the customer decided to choose our company when purchasing the machine again. On Christmas Eve at the end of 2020, we signed a new contract with the customer, again for the WE67K-110T3200 electro-hydraulic press brake with DA-66T system, only this time the control axes were upgraded to 8+1 axes and more special tooling was optional.

bending machine Mexican

With the previous cooperation, production and transportation were smoother and faster this time. In less than two months, ALVARO was already using the machine, and he was very grateful to us for helping him to ensure production and sales in the new year.

bending machine Mexican

Tandem Press Brake

Because of close communication and contact with the customer for a long time, in an email not long ago, ALVARO told us a new problem he had recently encountered. If he bought a larger press brake, it would not be cost-effective in terms of floor space and utilization, but it was a pity to lose such an order, so he had no choice but to seek our help. With our experience, we immediately realized that the customer needed a "detachable" machine, tandem press brake. After a detailed introduction and communication with ALVARO, we determined the configuration and model of the machine: 2-WE67K-400T3200 electro-hydraulic press brake with DA-53T system, the number of axes is the basic 3+1 axes, with an additional hydraulic automatic front dragging material. Also purchased W11-8X2500 three-roller coiling machine.

bending machine Mexican

bending machin -Mexican

bending machine Mexican

The repurchase of old customers is the biggest recognition for us, and it is the concept that Haas CNC has been adhering to provide suitable machines and quality service for everyone.

HARSLE is located in the special economic zone of Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties. Various mechanical engineers, who account for more than 30% of the total number of employees, are dedicated to R&D, production and sales. Ltd. has more than 30 offices in all major cities in China to provide convenient services to customers. We will forge ahead in the spirit of "integrity, collaboration, pragmatism and innovation" and are willing to work hand in hand with friends from all walks of life to create brilliance.

We believe that only by ensuring excellent product quality and good after-sales service can we make our customers trust us faithfully.

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