The Road to Wealth - HARSLE Helps Steel Door Production Line in Nigeria
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The Road to Wealth - HARSLE Helps Steel Door Production Line in Nigeria

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Andy has five large factories in Nigeria, from the beginning only processing metal door panels to now the factory can independently produce and sell a variety of security doors, with the help of Haas CNC Andy jumped to become the richest man in the region. Andy contacted us through our official website in 2018. In subsequent communication and transaction, Andy was deeply impressed by our super expertise, perfect machine quality and good after-sales service, and has become our loyal customer since then. 

Steel Door Production Line

From 2019 onwards, we have been placing orders for $200,000-$300,000 of equipment every year, including bending machines, shearing machines, embossing machines, spraying production lines and many other kinds of equipment. In order to help Andy's staff use the machines better, our engineers have gone abroad twice for guidance, first time in 2019, i.e. soon after the first batch of machines arrived in Hong Kong, our engineers personally went to Andy's Nigerian factory to help him install and debug the machines, and give workers a short intensive training to teach them to use the machines. 

Steel Door Production Line

The second instruction was expected to be given in 2020 when the second batch of machines arrived, but the ensuing epidemic hampered the work process, so we were forced to switch to online video instruction, but fortunately with previous experience, we were still able to maintain original production and sales. This year, with the epidemic under control and the arrival of the third batch of new machines, our engineers went to Nigeria for the second time and worked together in Andy's new factory to complete the entire production process of security doors. Once again, we helped Andy to harvest a big bucket of money.

Steel Door Production Line

For a long time, we have been producing and selling machines such as bending machines and shears individually, but we also regularly provide specialized equipment and production solutions for steel door production lines for manufacturers all over the world. HARSLE is a professional enterprise which manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brakes, shearing machines, hydraulic presses, power presses, ironworkers and other metal-working machines. We follow innovations and grow together with our customers and we follow the developments in the industry and technology and support the development of creativity skills based on the principles of continuous learning, innovation and improvement. HARSLE cares about the active and competent participation of employees in management and decision processes, ensuring clarity in decisions and transparency in practice with this approach. That is the reason why our product quality moves to a higher level constantly. HARSLE has the philosophy of production with the best quality and latest technology. It crowns this with the ISO 9001 quality management system and following European safety standards. Whenever a customer contacts us, we assemble a dedicated team of sales managers and senior engineers to interface with the customer and match them with the most suitable production line.

Steel Door Production Line

Andy consulted other machinery companies before consulting us and made several comparisons, but could never give him a satisfactory answer. During his communication with us, he was attracted by our product quality, professionalism and numerous success stories, and finally chose us and purchased the whole line from HARSLE the following year.

In 2020, after understanding Andy's new needs and budget, we recommended all the machines he needed for the entire line, including a 4 * 2500 shearing machine, door embosser, J23 punch, 63T 2500 bending machine, 100T 3200 door frame bending machine, combination punch, hot press, painting line and many other machines. At the very beginning, Andy wanted to buy machines from different manufacturers, but the first batch of machines made him very satisfied, and together with our engineer's skillful operation guidance, he finally decided to buy the whole metal door production line from HARSLE, and once again arranged for an engineer to come and guide him.

When we talked some time ago, Andy said, "It is very difficult to do business, especially during such a dangerous epidemic, and it is even more difficult to meet a good partner. But HARSLE's engineers are very professional and the machines are as fast and accurate as ever, which helps us a lot in our production. In the future when I need a new machine, I will definitely contact HARSLE first, and I believe HARSLE will give us the best machine and the best after-sales service."

HARSLE is a leading Chinese brand in sheet metal working machinery industry. As a total supplier for sheet metal manufacturing with almost 15 years of experience, HARSLE understands and recognizes the challenges, requirements and expectations of industry. We strive to satisfy the higher demands of our customers by continuously improving our products and processes while researching and implementing the latest technologies. From the innovations developed at our Research & Development Center to the technical support given by our worldwide distributors, we all have one common mission: to be your preferred partner. HARSLE machines are working all around the world.

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