Gantry Machining Center - New Year New Partner
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Gantry Machining Center - New Year New Partner

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Gantry Machining Center

In the new year, to improve production efficiency and increase machine accuracy. Our company has introduced a 6-meter large gantry machining center. Which is currently in full swing installation. I believe that it can be put into production immediately, processing better quality machines. So welcome to actively place orders in the future, let us cooperate for a win-win situation!

Next, I will briefly introduce the advantages and characteristics of gantry machining centers:

Function Introduction Of Gantry Machining Center

The gantry machining center refers to the axis of the main axis Z axis. And the table is perpendicular to the machining center. The structure is a large machining center machine. composed of double columns and top beams composed of a portal structure frame. And there are beams in the middle of the double columns. It is particularly suitable for machining large workpieces and workpieces with complex shapes.

Gantry Machining Center

Pros And Advantages

Because the CNC gantry machining center has a variety of functions. and high precision. It can reduce the workpiece clamping measurement. and high-speed change time of the machine tool. And also reduce the turnover, handling, and storage time of the workpiece. The cutting time use rate of the machine tool is 3-4 times higher than that of ordinary machine tools. Thereby improving productivity.  Especially when processing workpieces with complex shapes. High precision requirements and frequent variety changes. The efficiency of the production machine is increased.

Gantry Machining Center

Categorize Applications

There are fixed beam types (cross beam fixed, table moving/rotating). Moving beam type (cross beam moving up and down. table moving back and forth) moving column type (table fixed, gantry moving).  Overhead crane type (fixed table. moving beam) also has the above composite forms of multi-type gantry machining centers. The processing characteristics, capabilities, and processing uses of the product are also different.

Gantry Machining Center

Structural Features

1. Workbench: The workbench of the gantry machining center is basically rectangular. Large castings such as tables, beds, columns, beams and rams are made of cast iron or welded parts. and the inner cavity of the castings is a honeycomb composite arrangement structure. With advanced design, all which are treated by aging and secondary tempering. Eliminating residual internal stress to stabilize the material. Ensuring the stability of workpiece processing accuracy and machine tool life.

2. Gantry: Consists of a beam and two columns. It is divided into three types: beam fixation, beam by positioning block locking section lifting and beam arbitrary lifting.

3. Sliding sleep: from the structure, it can be divided into two types: open and closed. The ram of the open structure is clamped on the headstock by the pressure plate, and the cross-sectional area of the ram is large; The ram with closed structure is clamped in the headstock box, and the cross-sectional area of the ram is small.

4. Tool magazine: There are three basic types: turret type, wheel drum type and chain length type.

5. Accessory head library: The machining of large and complex parts often requires many accessory heads. The accessory head is specially designed according to the processing requirements of the workpiece, and is generally divided into right angle head, extended head, special angle head and universal head.

6. CNC system: according to different needs, system brands and models have different choices.

7. Accuracy: refers to the original accuracy of the machine tool under the condition that it is not subjected to external load. Accuracy is usually expressed by the deviation between its opposite side and the ideal state (referred to as error), the smaller the error, the higher the accuracy.

Gantry Machining Center


1. The operator should be familiar with and master the performance and characteristics of the gantry machining center machine. Ensure that the emergency stop switch can function quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency to avoid injuries.

2. Wear labor protection equipment according to regulations, and it is strictly forbidden to operate with gloves.

3. When the device is working, never touch the electronic switch with wet hands to avoid electric shock. Do not touch any moving parts by hand.

4. Tools or non-machined workpieces must not be placed on gantry machining centers or moving objects.

5. The computer desk or work desk next to the machine must be sturdy and must not be placed on moving parts.

6. When loading and unloading the workpiece, the machine should be stopped first. And attention should be paid to maintaining an appropriate distance. between the workpiece and the tool. During the operation of the machine. please do not open the front door and left and right covers arbitrarily to avoid injury.

7. After the tool is set, please run it with DRY RUN to make sure the program is correct.

8. When the power supply is powered off or stopped urgently, the three axes should be restored to the mechanical original position.

9. Do not remove the travel switch or any related parts of the protection switch without authorization.

10. Before leaving the machine after work. The control power switch and the main switch of the electrical. box of the operation panel should be turned off.

Gantry Machining Center

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