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HSVC Metal Sheet Vertical CNC V Grooving Machine

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V grooving machine, also called V groover, groover. It is a machine for scribing and slot V-shaped grooves at the positions where metal plates need to be bent.
Price: $ 49640 / set
Discount Price: $ 42100 / set
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Product Description

V grooving machine

V grooving machine, also called V groover, groover. It is a machine for scribing and slot V-shaped grooves at the positions where metal plates need to be bent. The main application industries of the grooving process are the light industry, electric appliances, automobiles, stainless steel processing, building decoration, elevator, and so on. In the elevator industry, the grooving process is mainly applied to the parts that can be seen by the naked eye, such as the summon box panel, car wall in the car, control box panel, front wall, ceiling, and other parts, the small size R angle makes the parts fit better, and the appearance is luxurious and classy, and the high-end passenger elevators such as hotels and office buildings are widely used.

Main Features

HARSLE HSV-1500/3200 vertical V grooving machine is equipped with the HUST CNC A60 touchscreen controller, and the precision ball screw as the power transmission component features the characteristics of high processing precision. The machine has 3 axis servo motor control and realizes full-automatic operation after programming. The pneumatic clamping system features a fast clamping speed. All those designs comprehensively improve the precision。

Adopt the vertical V-grooving (or V cut) method on the metal sheet first, then bend the grooved sheet metal into various angles and shapes by the press brakes with general mold or special mold.

The workpiece produced with such a technique has a small bending radius, no obvious color changes, and small bending force requirements which makes the sheet metal workpiece more beautiful. Besides, it reduces the straightness error of the round edge of narrow long workpieces, and the common press brake and toolings can be used to bend the workpiece with complicated section shapes. 

Technical Parameters

1Machining CapacityMaterialSTS304&Q235
Max. Grooving depth3mm
2CNC SpecificationsControl Type3-axis CNC control(X、Y、Z)
Display10 inches HD LCD color screen
Memory Capacity99 groups,9999channels/group (additiona
SD card extension)
Working SystemBall screw/linear guide/rack and pinion
3Machining SpeedX axis0-90m/min
Y axis20m/mm
4Machining PrecisionX Axis Precision0.01mm
Y Axis Precision0.01mm
Z Axis Precision0.01mm
5Driving ModeX-axis4.5KW Servo Motor
Y-axis2KW Servo Motor
Z-axis1KW Servo Motor
6Clamping DevicePneumatic0.3-0.6Mpa
7Worktable flatness士0.02mm
8Worktable quenchYes

Product Details

V grooving machineV grooving machineV grooving machine


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