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Vietnam Customer and Great Appreciated HARSLE Hybrid Press Brake

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HARSLE is a professional enterprise that manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brakes, shearing machines, hydraulic presses, power presses, ironworkers, and other metalworking machines. We follow innovations and grow together with our customers, and we follow the developments and technology and support the development of creativity skills based on the principles of continuous learning, innovation, and improvement. HARSLE cares about the active and competent participation of employees, we all have the same mission: to be your preferred partner. 

Vietnam Customer and Great Appreciated HARSLE Hybrid Press Brakes

Mr. Nguyen brought our HARSLE WE67K-125T2500 hybrid press brake at the end of 2022 and received it in 2023.01. He contacted us and he is quite happy with our machine. From the time the goods are almost at the port, our after-sales team starts to communicate with the customer to confirm. Electrical diagrams and other series of information were provided to the customer in advance. After the goods arrive at the factory, the after-sales team starts the formal docking and installation process. We replied to the customer's questions and solved them in time to make sure that our customer can start formal production as soon as possible.

Mr. Nguyen said this HARSLE hybrid press brake has helped a lot in production, and the simple and easy operation has saved a lot of time. The installation process is easy and smooth, with a team of professional engineers to assist throughout. He said he had never found importing equipment could be such an easy thing and was greatly impressed by HARSLE’s service. He is quite satisfied and will introduce HARSLE to his friends.

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