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  • HARSLE Steel Door Production Line in Uzbekistan
    For a long time, we have not only produced and sold machines such as bending machines and shearing machines individually, but also often provided professional equipment for steel door production lines and production solutions for manufacturers all over the world.
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  • HARSLE Hybrid CNC Press Brake Was Highly Praised By Capristo Automotive-Ferrari Supplier
    CAPRISTO began in 1990 as a manufacturer of exhaust systems for Ferraris and have since evolved into the premier manufacturer of today’s high-performance exhaust systems for both exotic street cars and racing models. HARSLE Hybrid CNC Press brake 160T3200 with DA-66T and 8+1 Axis
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  • HARSLE WE67K-GENIUS-110T3200 CNC Press brake machine installed in USA
    On October 20th of 2018, HARSLE engineering team finished the installation of WE67K-GENIUS-110T3200 CNC press brake machine in USA, This machine is equipped with DELEM DA-66T Touch screen controller with 3D simulation function and 4-Axis(X,R,Z1,Z2) CNC backgauge. This is the fisrt time for Eric to purchase HARSLE press brake, but he thought highly of our machine after the machine installation and trainning, he is really happy with our machine and service and will give more recommendations to other customers in USA in the near future.
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  • HARSLE Steel Door Embossing Machine Installation in Uzbekistan
    HARSLE is the leading manufacturer of steel door embossing machine in China, we can provide professional steel door production solutions for customers and we have created many successful cases all over the world. This time , HARSLE offered solution for startup steel door production factory
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  • HARSLE Machines Installation in Australia
    Mr. Ryan is the founder of one exterprise in Australia, he searched HARSLE through Internet and established the business relationship with us within two months. HARSLE sales team offered him one professional duct production line proposal for reference, after his visit in HARSLE factory, we confirmed the order and started the production for all machines. Once Ryan received all machines at Sydney port, HARSLE engineer started the installation journey to Australia. During one week installation and trainning, Ryan spoke highly of engineer's work performance and would like to recommend HARSLE machines in Australia.
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  • 2000Ton Steel Door Embossing Machine Was Installed In Nigeria
    Our regular customer Mr.Dennis who is from Nigeria finally got his machine last week, this is real an unusual experence to purchase this machine and finish the installation successfully. For recently years, Steel door market is booming, in order to invest in the steel door manufacture, Dennis sold his land to get enough money and the machine started to earn money for him since yesterday, wish him success in his business.
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  • CNC Hydraulic Press Brake with DA-58T Was Installed in Russia
  • HARSLE Steel door embossing machine working in Ecuador
    In the year of 2015, our Ecuadorian regular customer purchased first door embossing machine from HARSLE. When he analysed all proposals from different companise for his machine, he found HARSLE is the most professional steel door press machine manufacturer in China for many years,
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  • Steel Door Embossing Machine Installation in Nigeria
    After 42 hours flight journey, HARSLE Engineer arrived in Lagos of Nigeria finally. For this time, his main work is to help client install Y32-3000T Steel door embossing machine in his new factory, this machine was loaded into 3 containers, it took 1 day to take them out and then start the
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  • Plastic Sleeves Hole Punching Machine
    As we all know, Pneumatic punching machine is used to punch shapes on the metal sheet, such as iron sheet, aluminium sheet, stainles steel sheet and cooper sheet. But HARSLE punching machine can punch various shapes on plastic sheet.
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