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  • Economic Recovery After Covid 19 - Hydraulic Presses Exported to South Africa
    As one of the top local transport equipment companies in South Africa, Company M is responsible for most of the business in South Africa and the surrounding areas, which requires Company M not only to have good quality equipment but also strong production capacity.
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  • 2 Large Hydraulic Presses Exported to Canada
    Mr. P purchased a large hydraulic press of 1,350 tonnes from our company back in 2017. In 2019, before the epidemic, he purchased another large hydraulic press of the same tonnage. With the recent improvement in the international epidemic, Mr P has built a new factory
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  • Seeing Once is Better Than Hearing a Hundred Times - Signing Agent in India
    HARSLE was established more than 10 years ago, thousands of customers at home and abroad,
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  • Christmas Surprise - Highly Equipped Bending Machine Sold to Canada
    In communication, we learned that Mr. R is a large company, they are also domestic and foreign trade, production of products sold around the world. So although he cares a lot about the price of the machine and wants us to give him the biggest discount possible,
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  • Good Things Come in Small Packages - 2 Years to Sign Brazilian Agency
    Marcos is from Brazil and his company is the largest local supplier of sheet metal working machinery, and their own laser machines are sold all over the world. With the development of market diversity.
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  • The Road to Wealth - HARSLE Helps Steel Door Production Line in Nigeria
    Andy has five large factories in Nigeria, from the beginning only processing metal door panels to now the factory can independently produce and sell a variety of security doors, with the help of Haas CNC Andy jumped to become the richest man in the region.
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  • Professional Win - Double-Action Embossing Machine Sold to Guatemala
    This Guatemalan customer first saw our embossing machine product information through Alibaba, then added a WeChat to communicate and give a brief introduction to his company.
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  • A Deal With A Chinese Customer in Australia
    This month's shipment of WC67K-200T3200 bending machine with DA41T system and QC11K-16*4000 guillotine shearing machine​ with DAC310T system, plus pneumatic front pallets for bending machines,
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  • Stronger Together - Walking With The Sogefi Group
    Another client this month is the Sogefi Group, based in Mantua, Italy, one of Europe's leading developers and manufacturers of automotive components. The group operates in two areas: automotive and industrial filters and precision springs and suspension components.
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  • Repurchase Again And Again And Again! Mexican Customer Placed Two Million Orders in Two Years!
    The machine increases the number of axes to 6 + 1 axes, which greatly improves the work efficiency and bending accuracy of the press brake​ and ensures high quality and high efficiency.
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