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Disassembly and cleaning process of hydraulic valve group of hydraulic bending machine

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This is a complete set of relief valves. The role of the relief valve is to control the amount of oil during the normal use of the bending machine, including its pressure, to control it. If this valve is stuck and the spool does not work properly in this valve, what happens to the bender? It cannot be raised, it cannot be lowered, and it cannot be pressurized, that is, the oil pump motor is rotating forward, but the slider of the bending machine has no movement. So if this happens, let ’s first look at the valve light. When you step on the footswitch, see if the valve light is on or not. If the valve light is already on, but the machine tool is not generating pressure, the slider is not up or down. The valve is likely stuck.

How to clean this valve? First, we prepare two wrenches, 4mm and 6mm. The first layer is a 5mm screw. Remove the first layer with a 4mm wrench, and put the valve light down. After all four screws are loosened, remove the first layer, and pay attention to whether the sealing ring has fallen off.  The second layer is an 8mm screw. Use a 6mm wrench to remove the second layer. Remove all four screws. Check to see if there is any problem with the seal ring. Take out the spring first. There is a small pressure ring inside. The pressure ring can be mounted in the spring. Then take out the valve core, observe whether there is a foreign matter or metal waste on the surface of the valve core, and see if there is a foreign matter or metal waste in this hole. Then find a magnetic screwdriver, put the screwdriver in, and if there is metal scrap, it will be attached to the screwdriver and taken out. Observe this hole again to ensure that there is no problem. Replace the valve core, and move it up and down with your hands to ensure that the valve core can work normally. After making sure that there is no problem, replace the spring and pressure ring, and the pressure ring is installed above the spring. Make sure that the sealing ring has no problem and replace the second layer. Tighten it diagonally and tightly, it must be tightened, otherwise, the oil will leak or leak. Make sure that the sealing ring is correct. Replace the first layer and tighten it diagonally.




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