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Trouble Shooting of Press Brake

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Today, we will share some tips with you about how to operate HARSLE press brake machine immediatedly once you get our machine and are ready to operate. Please keep them in mind and exclude all possibilities of problem especially when you can not start the machine.

Trouble  CausesRemedy
No oil from pump Slider doesn't act.Incorrect rotation direction of oil pumpCorrect the phase position of power line.
Seepage of the elements, pipe   joints and oil cylinderDamaged or aged seal ringChange the seal ring.
Trembling of pipe and machineEmpty oil pipeline due to insufficient oil in the oil   tank or blocked oil filter meshCleaning the filter mesh or fill the tank with oil to the center of oil leveler. 
No pressure in oil pipelineNo direction reversion is performed by electromagnetic valve or the core of electromagnetic valve, overflow valve oil filling valve is jammed.Insert properly the plug of electro-Magnetic valve to prevent it from loosening. Remove and clean the valve cores.
Crawling of slider in downward movementToo small opening of valve core Oil temperature is lower than 15℃.Regulate the throttle valve and correct the opening amount. To run the machine idle to increase the oil temperature.
Slider cannot stop at random position and slips.Valve core is jammed.Clean valves.
Slider work speed is too rapid or too slow.Too big or too small opening of throttle valveRegulate the opening size of throttle valve.


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